I'm a flight attendant – NOTHING irritates me more than this

I’m a flight attendant – NOTHING irritates me more than this 

  • An ex-flight attendant has shared the most annoying thing a passenger can do 
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A former flight attendant has revealed the most irritating thing a passenger can do – and it might surprise you. 

While cabin crew have a long list of frustrations to choose from, from long journeys to tight working quarters, one thing irritates them more than anything else

Kat Kamalani told her TikTok followers that there is nothing more annoying than a passenger who complains about screaming kids. 

The TikToker shared her opinion to 9000 followers and reposted a video of an obnoxious passenger shushing a crying child. 

According to Kat Kamalani, the most annoying thing a passenger can do is complain about a crying baby 

She advised irritated passengers to use noise cancelling headphones and never to ask for a different seat 

She captioned the video: ‘What to do when a child is screaming on an airplane. From an ex flight attendant.’

Putting millions of anxious parents’ minds to rest, Kat posted to her TikTok: ‘I promise you there is nothing that irritates us more as a flight attendant when people complain about babies crying.’

‘So, if you’re travelling, bring noise cancelling headphones or maybe ask the parent if they need help.

And those eager to get a free upgrade out of the situation should think again, she added: ‘Don’t even ask us to be moved to a different seat because I promise you no one else wants that baby to stop crying more than that parent.

The popular video has gained nearly 4000 views, and TikTokers took to the comments in agreement with the ex-cabin crew member. 

One user commented: ‘Earbuds… they’re lifesavers in so many situations. 

Another person added: ‘I would probably try to help the parent if I have the mother’s permission.’

The TikToker posted a video of an obnoxious passenger shushing a child for crying. Rather than doing this, Kat advised her followers to ask if the parent needs any help

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Meanwhile, one said: ‘Babies can’t help it. It’s the grown babies having tantrums that is irrational.’ 

Last month, another cabin crew member shared a similar opinion on TikTok. 

Sharing advice to nervous parents anxious to take their children on board, he said: ‘The first thing you need to do is just accept the fact that your baby might cry on the plane and it is what it is.’

Agreeing entirely with Kat, the flight attendant said: ‘I’ve said it before, the only thing more annoying than a screaming, crying kid on the plane, is somebody that won’t stop complaining about a screaming, crying kid on a plane.’ 

Followers hailed the flight attendant’s travel advice, many thanking him for the video. 

Some parents offered their own advice, one said: ‘Depending on the flight and prices, I would either move up to first class or buy the seat next to me. I would have more wiggle room to hold/ nurse.’

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