I was dress-coded at a restaurant because of my denim shorts – so I went home and changed into a see-through skirt | The Sun

SHE'D gone all out to look glam and chic for dinner with a friend.

But when Brittni reached the restaurant, she was told that she couldn't come in because she was wearing denim cutoff shorts.

She explained the situation in a video on her TikTok page, as she said she'd been going to meet her step cousin at a restaurant near where she lives in Dallas, Texas.

"So the restaurant wouldn't let me in in my denim shorts," Brittni began.

"We could sit outside but hello it's f**king hot. My friend I'm with, we were sat down and he was like, 'I'm not happy'.

"Because then the server came round and literally she didn't even acknowledge me.

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"She only looked at him. He's my step cousin, he does not order for me, thank you.

"She didn't even look at me for a drink order or anything so he literally got up and was like, 'F**k this'.

"He went and talked to the guy – he was letting guys in in shorts, but my shorts weren't okay.

"I pulled up the dress code on the reservation site – it says nothing about cut-off denim of any kind."

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In the end, predicting that the heat would get the better of her dinner companion, Brittni opted to go home and change so that they could go and sit inside.

"I think I'm just going to wear this with my black boots," she said as she modelled a black crop top and orange ruched skirt.

"There's a part of me that wants to show up in sneakers but we're not going to be petty because we're not doing this again, even though I know my sneakers would be fine.

"If I had shown in up in those cut off shorts and I was in a sports bra with a tank top over it, and like sandals or whatever… yeah obviously.

"But I was dressed up. I had on a silk top, I had heels on, I hadmake-up on… like I looked good.

"But then you'll let guys in in shorts? Really, really? Do you know how many places let guys in in shorts but I can walk in in my cutoffs? Just f**ked.

"But also because the dress code on the site didn't say anything about shorts."

"Girl love the skirt but it’s see through," one person commented on the video.

To which Brittni replied: "You’d be correct!"

"Restaurants have dress codes? I wear crocs and leggings everytime I go out to eat," another said.

"You look amazing in both outfits but there was absolutely nothing wrong with the first outfit for a late summer dinner," a third insisted.

"Girl, Is it worth going back after being treated so poorly?" someone else asked.

To which Brittni replied: "I switched tables and got a new server who was amazing."

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"That would be the last time I went in. we'd eat somewhere else," another insisted.

But Brittni responded: "It’s right by me and the food is so good I was trying to be positive!"

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