I fear I was spiked on Halloween night out after finding blood on my Buzz Lightyear costume

A YOUNG woman believes she was injected with drugs while on a night out celebrating Halloween in Newcastle.

Amy-Jayne Cramb was with friends in city centre club Jalou on Saturday around 9.30pm when they noticed some men acting strangely close by.

A few minutes later the 23-year-old's pals spotted blood on her Buzz Lightyear costume and realised she had a needle prick on her hand.

She went straight to the toilet where she squeezed and washed the wound, before putting a plaster on it and going to hospital.

Amy-Jayne, who works as a health improvement practitioner, filed a police report and is currently waiting for the results of blood tests.

She's also appealing for others in Jalou that night who believe they may have been spiked to come forward.

Spiking injections, or needle spiking, happens when an unsuspecting person is injected with drugs using a needle.

Amy-Jayne said: "Absolute pathetic, sad people out there. This should not be a thing you ever need to consider on a night out. 

"Pretty much unavoidable unfortunately but please take extra care to look after yourselves and your friends on nights out."

She added: "Jalou has been informed and CCTV is going to be checked by police.

"They're asking anyone with any similar experiences to come forward has this is becoming increasingly more common.

"So if anyone thinks this has happened to them please come forward to help this be stopped.

"Luckily I have been OK as we knew what to straight away and with this being on my hand I have possibly deflected it if it was meant for a different part of my body but sadly not everyone has been as lucky."

There has been a huge rise in the number of spiking cases in recent weeks. 

In response nightclubs and bars have been boycotted and demonstrations have taken place at more than 40 university towns and cities across the UK. 

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