Horrifying footage shows millions of insects swarming gas station covering doors and windows in apocalyptic scene

HORRIFYING footage shows millions of insects swarming a gas station and covering the doors and windows of the store, in an apocalyptic scene.

The clip, uploaded to TikTok  by user @_ty.leo earlier this week, shows a garage engulfed in masses of flying bugs.

The garage forecourt in Michigan appears to have been entirely carpeted by masses of flying bugs covering almost every inch of space.

The poster of the video claimed it was “impossible” to pump gas.

The filmer pans the forecourt of the gas station, before walking inside the station itself, showing the millions of bugs plastering the outside of the door on his way in.

It soon becomes apparent that the inside of the store is anything but a sanctuary from the deluge of insects. 

Inside, they crawl around on the floor, stick to customers’ clothes and buzz around in the air.

As the filmer heads back outside, the extent of the infestation becomes more apparent.

The gas pumps are coated in a layer of the buzzing, swarming insects, while hoards of them fly around the fluorescent lights above the petrol. 

The scenes are almost apocalyptic, as a small child flails his arms around in a cloud of bugs while others blanket the floor he is standing on.

Loud bangs can be heard in the background, like thunder.

"Never in my life have I ever saw this many bugs! Couldn’t even pump gas," the TikToker said in the caption.

The video had garnered more than six million views, as well as thousands of comments.

"Someone send this out to Stephen King. Book out next fall,” someone joked.

“How are these people walking around like there’s nothing wrong,” another asked.

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“I wouldn’t even leave my house.”

Many were horrified, with one person commenting “Absolutely ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!”

People guessed the flying insects might be fishflies (also known as mayflies), critters which are common in the state of Michigan in the US.

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