Haunting view inside hotel abandoned after Boxing Day tsunami hit Thailand in 2004 revealed by urban explorer

Eerie images show hundreds of hotel rooms overlooking the bay, an empty and vandalised infinity pool and derelict patios and stone staircases.

From the beach, the five-star resort is just skeletal remains after the devastating tsunami.

Photographer Colin Hodson, 34, from Portsmouth, Hants, explored the hotel with his girlfriend Tilly while on holiday earlier this month.

A local had recommended they go to the abandoned site to explore.

At the time, the King View resort was still being built was not open for business when the tsunami hit.

The resort was never completed after the tsunami due to a dispute between the land owner and the hotel owner.

Colin said: "The hotel had some really interesting features including the rocky cliff face the resort was built next too.

“They had included some of it inside the complex which made it feel like it would have been a very natural but luxurious place to stay in.

“The place was huge and the views from the top were absolutely stunning.

"The only thing that was slightly annoying about the resort was the sound of the bugs in the area as they make a very loud ringing sound."

The Boxing Day tsunami was been deemed one of the world’s worst natural disasters as killer waves destroyed everything in its path over a space of 12 hours.

More than 200,000 died when a 9.2 magnitude underwater earthquake set off the tsunami in the early hours of December 26 2004.


It was the third largest to ever be recorded in Sumatra, unleashing a force said to be 1,5000 times greater than the Hiroshima bomb.

Around 30 minutes after the quake, a tsunami struck the northern tip of Indonesia, killing around 130,000 people.

Its waves are said to have reached 20-30 metres.

The tsunami struck Burma, Nicobar and Andaman Island, Thailand, the South East Coast of India, Maldives and Somalia.

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