Grambling State Fires Volleyball Coach Who Cut Entire Team

It was a pink slip day at Grambling State University, as its Athletics Department announced on July 5, the termination of volleyball coach Chelsey Lucas.

The decision to terminate Lucas was made by GSU President Rick Gallot and Dr. Trayvean Scott, Vice-President for Intercollegiate Athletics, due to the determination of an internal investigation within the volleyball program.

Reports shared with USA Today cite that Lucas abruptly cut every team member and revoked their scholarships.

“The success of student-athletes and their ability to matriculate at Grambling State University is the top priority,” said Scott. “As we move forward in this transition and commence a national search for the next coach, all volleyball student-athletes who received scholarships for the 2022-23 academic year will keep their scholarships and remain on the team. Walk-ons will also continue to hold their roster spot.”

Lucas, the 2006 SWAC defensive player of the year at Grambling, spent three seasons at Arkansas-Pine Bluff before being hired at the HBCU on Feb. 14 to replace Demetria Keys-Johnson.

“It is the responsibility of this institution to make sure that student-athletes are afforded opportunities in a manner compliant with all regulatory organizations,” Gallot said. “That applies to athletics as much as it does to academics.”

This week, a national search for a new volleyball coach will begin.
Any additional comments will be held until the investigation is completed.

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