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SCHOOL-CHILDREN have been told to stay at home as a scorching heatwave continues to hit Britain with summer holidays weeks away.

It comes as the nation's beaches were heaving over the weekend with the temperature peaking at 32.7C (91F) in Hawarden, Flintshire.

Millions of workers are expected to stay at home today and Tuesday with kids also dodging school amid a Met Office red “danger to life” warning.

Official weather forecasters have recommended Brits make changes in their daily routines to ensure they are keeping safe in the heat, reports The Mirror.

And while many school kids are enjoying a well-earned break over summer, some are still in term time.

Government warnings have stated that children are at higher risk of heatstroke and exhaustion.

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As a result, several schools across England have said they will be closing completely while others will be closing early or changing uniform rules for "the safety of pupils".

Schools that remain open are asking students to drink water and wear hats and sunscreen.

Schools follow the same rules as workplaces, which means there is a minimum temperature but no maximum temperature which would lead to a closure.

In guidance, the Health and Safety Executive says: "During working hours, the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings shall be reasonable."

Here is a handy list of all the schools that are closed today.

Full list of schools closed

  • St Christopher's special school, Lincoln
  • Pershore High School, Worcestershire
  • Dines Green Community Academy, Worcestershire
  • Northleigh CE Primary, Worcestershire
  • Great Malvern Primary, Worcestershire
  • Somers Park, Worcestershire
  • Bluecoat Wollaton Academy, Nottinghamshire
  • Bluecoat Aspley Academy, Nottinghamshire
  • Bluecoat Beechdale Academy, Nottinghamshire
  • Bluecoat Primary Academy, Nottinghamshire
  • Bluecoat Trent Academy, Nottinghamshire
  • Bluecoat Sixth Form, Nottinghamshire
  • Nottingham Emmanuel School, Nottinghamshire
  • Long Eaton School, Nottinghamshire
  • Lees Brook Community School, Nottinghamshire
  • Alvaston Moor Academy, Nottinghamshire
  • Grenoside Community Primary School, Sheffield
  • Winston Churchill School, Surrey

But while some headteachers decided that pupils should stay at home in the tropical conditions , it was opposed by deputy PM Dominic Raab.

He said: “Making sure young children get the education they need is really important. Particularly after the pandemic and schools are well placed to do that.”

Four schools in Worcestershire, all part of the Mercian Educational Trust (MET), will be closing on Monday.

In a letter to parents, they said: "Our school sites and environments are not designed to comfortably accommodate pupils and staff at the anticipated temperatures for prolonged periods of time."

The MET added it will be making a decision on whether to open or not on Tuesday by 1pm on Monday.

A fifth school in Worcestershire, called Pershore High School, will also be closing.

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Worcestershire County Council had previously told schools to take action to prepare for the heatwave, advising hem to "cancel all non-essential activities to ensure the safety of staff and pupils."

And school events such as spots days, and DofE expeditions are being postponed until the temperature is more manageable.

The DfE said: “We aren’t advising schools to close during high temperatures, but school leaders should make sure they take any steps necessary to make sure children are safe and comfortable.”

Parents and school teachers are being asked to keep an eye on students for heatstroke and heat stress, as children sweat less and cannot regulate their body temperature.

A further eight schools in Nottinghamshire will be closed on both Monday and Tuesday to protect the "welfare of all our students and staff' as the "potential impact" could be significant.

St Christopher's special school in Lincoln said they couldn't keep the school cool enough for pupils on these days so would be closing.

And other schools have chosen to change their timetables in order to tackle the heatwave.

An academy in Hertfordshire has let students can leave earlier, as will Clapton Girls Academy in east London, while Ralph Thoresby School in Leeds is encouraging students to work from home.

Two schools in Dagenham are both closing early and relaxing their uniform requirements too.

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Marlbrook, Little Dewchurch and St Martin’s Primary School are four schools in the Herefordshire that will give parents the option to choose whether their children go in at all on Monday.

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