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A WOMAN who paid £400 for botched tattooed eyebrows that look like “snails” has told how cosmetic doctors took one look and refused to help.

Shereen Abu Sbaih, 37, a trained engineer from Mansfield, had been having her eyebrows microbladed with fantastic results for over a decade.

Now, speaking exclusively to Fabulous, she warns that even someone who has had good experiences can fall victim.

“Over the past 10 years I have had tattooed eyebrows four times," she explains.

Just before the pandemic hit I was at the hairdressers and they recommended their in-house expert microblader who was fully credited and it seemed safe."

"She knew what she was doing and talked me through the treatment and even though she had more lip tattoo case studies, I didn’t feel uneasy."


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"I asked for a top up and for them to be shaped in a better way – I paid £400. "

The only reservation I had was when she drew them on they looked overly big but she told me they would not be the same thing.”

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Shereen says that her first reaction after the treatment was one of "astonishment."

"It was very awkward," she continues. "I did not like them. They were and are still horrible."

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They are not equal and not the same length or height. One is higher and one is longer. They look like they've been painted on.”

“I am not happy and I want them removed.  All you can see from far away is my eyebrows."

Shereen claims the practitioner told her that once they had healed, the skin would fall off and not be as thick.

"She told me 'not to worry' and said 'we can sort it out' and that she'd help remove them by injecting saline but I refused to go."

"I am not giving her my face another time”. 

“They have not faded like she said they would and look like snails on my face. All I see from afar when I look in the mirror is blocks of blackness."

On reflection, Shereen believes she was nothing but a guinea pig to her.

"People comment that I have beautiful eyes but my brows make them less pretty," she explains.

They have not faded like she said they would and look like snails on my face. All I see from afar when I look in the mirror is blocks of blackness

"Everyone tells me they don’t look nice which leaves me either concealing them with heavy makeup (to hide as much as possible) or I make them even thicker to try and even out."

"I don’t like looking in the mirror, understandably it has taken my self confidence."

"What should be a beauty enhancing procedure has taken that away from me. It's an upsetting situation and I cancel plans a lot.”  

A devastated Shereen goes on to say how over the past two years she has consulted many experts and they all say her brows need to be removed but it will be very painful.

"Most of the experts agree they actually can’t do it or it simply won’t work,” she continues.

"The pandemic also stalled my efforts as clinics were closed and travel restrictions were in place all over the place”. 

“In 2021, I was seriously considering jumping on a flight to Turkey for an eyebrow hair implant but on the video consultation the surgeon said the removal would need to happen first before anything, so I am stuck at the first hurdle again." 

After more research, Shereen found a good surgery in Harley Street, but unfortunately her hopes were dashed again.

"The doctor took one look and refused to do it because the ink is very dark," she says.

"In the consultation he confirmed that the one eyebrow is longer than the other and thick, and if we implant first it is going to be a lot of hair, and the second thing, it will look too harsh."

"He said to me: 'So if you can remove a bit of the tattoo first that will make a big difference. 

“He said they would look horrific if we went ahead if not".

The doctor took one look and refused to do it because the ink is very dark

Eventually, Shereen was recommended to Harley Street permanent makeup removal specialist Lorena Öberg, who is a world-class removal expert for tattoos, microblading and migration.

"She says she can guarantee 90% but I will be happy even it is 50%," she explains ."I feel in safe hands and her results look incredible”.  

Lorena Öberg uses a range of techniques, such as a specialist laser to break down the pigment under the derma layer of the skin and lift the harsh pigment.

Lorena warns: “When permanent make up goes wrong the consequences can be dire”. 

“I have treated thousands of clients at my Harley Street practise who travel from as far as the Middle East for removal work.  

"It varies from very bad work to the client not feeling happy with the results.

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"It is important to do your research before committing to such a procedure”. 

Reflecting on the past two years Shereen concludes: “I will never touch microblading again and after my course of treatments with Lorena Öberg I plan to have hair implants to cover up any pigment still remaining”.

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