EXCLUSIVE: Jordan McSweeney's ex-lover reveals he beat her for years

EXCLUSIVE: ‘He left an imprint of his trainer on my face’: Ex-lover reveals ‘wannabe gangster’ left her in fear she was blind after stamping on her head in SAME brutal manner he murdered aspiring lawyer Zara Aleena on street

  • EXCLUSIVE: Jordan McSweeney savagely beat his ex-girlfriend  Samantha Bryan
  • She said of one attack: ‘He punched me to the floor, bit my arm and started kicking me. He stamped on my face with such force that you could see the imprint of his trainer on my face’
  • Samantha told MailOnline he regrets not pressing assault charges against him
  • Law graduate Zara Aleena, 35, was robbed and beaten by criminal McSweeney 
  • Serial offender with history of violence against women had stalked his victim 

The ex-girlfriend of murderer Jordan McSweeney today revealed to MailOnline how she endured four years of violence and controlling behaviour at his hands before summoning up the courage to leave him for good.

But Samantha Bryan, 30, now regrets not pressing assault charges against the ‘wannabe gangster’ who went on to kill aspiring lawyer Zara Aleena earlier this year.

Ms Bryan told MailOnline that McSweeney once stamped on her so badly, it left an imprint of his trainer on her face – just as he did to Ms Aleena, who suffered fatal head injuries.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Ms Bryan told how violent McSweeney, 29, left the mark across her right eye socket and cheek after a savage beating.

Describing going to the police she said: ‘I gave them a statement, telling them just what he’d done, but I dropped the charges. I just couldn’t go through with it. At the time, my thinking was that I’d at last got rid of him from my life after four horrible years and I was still scared he – or one of his acolytes – would seek some sort of vengeance.

‘Knowing what he did to the poor woman in Ilford, I wish I had gone ahead with it. Jordan is nothing more than a wannabe gangster with no respect whatsoever for women. I hope he’s locked up for the rest of his life – no woman is safe around him.’

McSweeney would also punch, kick and bite her and once threw her out into the street after snatching her phone, forcing her to borrow a mobile from a homeless man so she could call her mother to collect her.

And Ms Bryan, who became pregnant by McSweeney, also told how he would cynically cuddle up to her at night – only in order to hide her wounds from his aunt when the young couple stayed with her.

McSweeney today admitted the murder and sexual assault of Zara Aleena as she walked home through Ilford, east London in June.

Jordan McSweeney’s ex-girlfriend Samantha Bryan (pictured together) told MailOnline she regrets not pressing assault charges against him who went on to kill aspiring lawyer Zara Aleena earlier this year

McSweeney beat Samantha for years, leaving her with injuries like this one when he booted her in the face

Samantha said that knowing what he did to Zara Aleena in Ilford: ‘I wish I had gone ahead with it. Jordan is nothing more than a wannabe gangster with no respect whatsoever for women’

Ms Bryan, 30, says Jordan is a ‘wannabe gangster’ – who made his own posters on Facebook

Ms Aleena, 35, died after suffering traumatic injuries after she was punched in the back of the head and stamped on before McSweeney tried to rape her.

McSweeney stalked women before choosing to attack Zara

The sickening details of her gruesome death sent a shiver down Ms Bryan’s spine as she revealed: ‘I know just was a nasty, horrible monster he really is.

‘My heart goes out to her, my only hope now is that nobody else has to suffer at his hands and he’s put away for the rest of his life.’

Ms Bryan, from Strood, Kent, first met McSweeney in 2007 when she was just 15 and he had recently moved to the area from Dagenham, east London.

At first she said she found him charming and funny but it did not take long for the mask to slip.

She told MailOnline: ‘I thought he was nice to begin with but he soon showed his true character and I began to realise it was all an act.

‘He pretty quickly started to control what I did and if I ever stood up to him I’d pay the price for it.

‘I moved in with him when I was nearly 17, and I lived with him, his mum and mum’s partner at their home in Rochester.

‘Jordan always expected me to stay at home, he hated me going out without him. Yet, he would disappear for hours, sometimes days, on end and wouldn’t tell me where was going or where’d he’d been.

‘There was one time when he came home after a few days away somewhere. I heard him at the door and I shouted down to him from an upstairs window asking him where he’d been.

‘He exploded with fury. He literally kicked the door off its hinges and raced up the stairs.

‘I ran to his mother’s room at the top and tried to hide there but he found me and punched and kicked me.

‘I instinctively curled up into a ball and he continued attacking me until he physically grew tired and stopped.

‘That was the first time he really weighed into me but it wouldn’t be the last.’

Jordan McSweeney appearing in the dock at the Old Bailey, central London, where he has pleaded guilty to the murder and sexual assault of law graduate Zara Aleena

Jordan McSweeney, 29, murdered 35-year-old as she was walking home following a night out with her friends

Ms Bryan fell pregnant with McSweeney’s baby in 2010 when she was aged 18. Tragically, she lost the child.

Soon after the couple moved 20 miles away to Dagenham, east London, to stay with his aunt.

However, life did not improve – in fact it got worse – as McSweeney’s rages continued.

Ms Bryan recalled: ‘We had one argument, Jordan had become even more volatile and violent, I think he was accusing me of cheating on him.

‘He beat me up and when he’d finished punching and kicking me, he grabbed my phone out of my hands and threw me out of his aunt’s house.

‘I didn’t know anyone else in Dagenham and it was far away from my family home and I had no means of calling anyone to pick me up.

‘I had no money on me and in the end I had to ask a homeless man to borrow his phone and call my mum to come and collect me.’

Ms Bryan said she ‘foolishly’ accepted McSweeney’s apologies and assurances that he had changed and she moved back in with him.

However, there was to be one more violent row in May 2011 that would bring her to her senses and leave him for good.

She said: ‘Jordan had again gone missing for a couple of days and left me at his auntie’s house while he was out gallivanting.

‘When he eventually returned we started rowing about it in the bedroom and then he switched.

‘He punched me to the floor, bit my arm and started kicking me. He stamped on my face with such force that you could see the imprint of his trainer on my face the following morning.

‘I thought he’d blinded me to begin with because I had trouble seeing out of my right eye immediately afterwards.

‘The most sickening aspect was that later that night he climbed into bed with me and cuddled up to me to force me away from the door in the room.

‘ I know he only did that because his aunt would sometimes come in before she went to bed if we’d had a row and check everything was alright.

‘He obviously didn’t want her to see what he’d done to me.

‘But when I went downstairs the following morning, she took one look at me and gasped and asked if Jordan had done that.

‘When I told her that he had she told me “listen, you have to leave him and get as far away from him as you possibly can.”

‘I left him there and then and never saw him again. When my mum had seen the damage he’d inflicted on me, she encouraged me to go to the police’.

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