Bindi Irwin Shares Adorable Family Photos & Grace Is Laser-Focused on the Snake

Imagine being 1 year old, all dressed up for family photos, and your parents want you to smile at the camera. It’s hard enough to sit still in normal situations — but add a big snake in the mix, and things get wild! Bindi Irwin just shared family photos for her husband Chandler Powell’s birthday, and their daughter Grace, 1, can’t keep her eyes away from the snake made of frosting that’s coiled on top of the birthday cake. It’s just sugar — but it looks super real to Grace.

“Celebrating @chandlerpowell’s birthday @crocodilehunterlodge, with his wonderful family from Florida and our dear friends,” the Australia Zoo conservationist wrote on Instagram yesterday. “Grace was most excited about the rattlesnake on Chandler’s birthday cake. ❤️”

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In the first photo, Grace is wearing a dark blue dress with blue and pink flowers. Her soft brown hair is getting so long, and she’s holding her trusty spoon, of course. She’s using her spoon to poke at the brown rattlesnake icing on top of her dad’s birthday cake, as Powell and Irwin look on smiling. She’s so cute!

In the next, the family poses with Powell’s parents — and Grace is still laser focused on the snake. This time, though, she’s using her finger to touch it, with a delighted expression on her face. She’s curious, and who can blame her? That cake is impressive, also featuring beautiful depictions of an eagle, a deer, and a bear. Grace definitely has the spirit of her grandfather, the late Steve Irwin, inside her!

“💙💙💙 So glad his parents are back to see yous and little Grace! 💕🥰” one person commented. Another wrote, “❤️❤️👏👏👏 Happy bday Chandler! What a wonderful family filled with love! 🙌👏👏👏👏❤️❤️”

Powell turned 26 on Nov. 14, and the Crikey! It’s The Irwins star shared a heartwarming post to her husband on Instagram.

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“Our family. My world, ❤️” she said, alongside cute family photos. “November 14 is one of my favourite days of the year, celebrating my incredible husband’s birthday.”

A post shared by Chandler Powell (@chandlerpowell)

Powell shared a few photos from his birthday celebration on Instagram yesterday, noting that he loved his American-themed cake.

“A few fun times captured on camera from turning 26 on Monday,” he wrote. Feeling very loved. Grateful for my entire family.”

He continued, “Thank you, @bindisueirwin and our amazing friends for putting together an incredible celebration for me❤️ Also if I was a cake, this is the one I’d be🇺🇸. “

This family is so cute, especially little Grace. Where other babies might run screaming from a snake, she’s poking it with a spoon. She may look a lot like her dad, but she’s Irwin through and through!

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