Driver of £92,000 Audi RS6 films himself hitting 201MPH

Heart-stopping moment driver of £92,000 Audi RS6 films himself hitting 201MPH with just one hand on the wheel

  • The driver filmed himself accelerating rapidly in the Audi RS6 on the motorway
  • The footage shows the driver filming the speedometer as it reaches 201mph 
  • The car weaves dangerously across lanes as it drives recklessly along the road

Heat-stopping footage has emerged showing a man filming themselves at the wheel while driving down the motorway at more than 200mph.

The clip shows the driver of a £92,000 Audi RS6 reaching a top speed of 201mph on a motorway as it weaves between traffic.

The video was shot on what is believed to be the M23 near Pease Pottage, West Sussex.

As the clip begins, the Audi is seen coming off a slip road accelerating on to the motorway.

A motorist has filmed himself doing 201mph in an Audi RS6 while driving along the M23 in West Sussex

The motorist only has one hand on the wheel as he films his dangerous test drive 

The driver passed this van which would have been travelling at 60mph while doing 194mph

The driver films the speedometer as the dial dramatically rises, within five seconds the Audi travels from 61mph to 116mph.

The driver then begins to weave in and out of traffic, showing no regard for lane discipline as the engine roars in the background.

The whole time the driver rests just one hand on the wheel as they tear down the motorway while filming.

Eventually the driver reaches 200mph, they zoom in on the speedometer showing the speed topping at 201mph. 

It is likely the car’s owner had the vehicle’s speed limiter removed and the engine remapped to increase its top speed. 

MailOnline has approached Sussex Police for a comment.  

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