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Disgusted grandma says 'mouldy stinking cupboard' is so bad she's had to MOVE OUT

Sue Wheeldon, 48, says the faulty service cupboard in her flat has been dripping water for over a year and has made her sick because of the terrible smell it makes.

The furious resident, who has diabetes, says that whenever she turns the heating on the stench of mould and damp makes anyone inside cough as the wreaking stink spreads throughout the property.

She also said that her granddaughter, who stays with her every weekend, suffers from asthma which gets aggravated by the intolerable stench.

Sue told the Hull Daily Mail:"It only smells when I put the heating on so I daren't put it on.

"I feel so ill, I am cold all the time and I can't stay in there with no heating."

The disgusting odour from the cupboard ultimately forced her to leave her home this week and stay with a friend.

She first discovered the problem when Yorkshire Water got in touch with her last year to tell her that her water bill leaped from £17 to £43 a month which she put down to the flowing leak.

But after complaining repeatedly to Hull City Council about the problem the cupboard is still leaking.

The local authority has now apologised and said it will re-plaster the affected area, but Sue doesn't think that will solve the problem.

She's repeatedly tried stemming the flow by putting towels down but the water always seeps through, eventually covering the ceiling and floor.

The grandma wants a new pipe fitting as she's had to spend money replacing damaged flooring because of the problem, which she says should have been sorted ages ago.

Hull City Council has says it's "truly sorry" for the problems that Sue has had to live with and will try and repair the leak next week.



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