Cuomo’s dwindling supporters rally, say accusers just ‘looking for notoriety’

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A Saturday rally to back embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the wake of the release of an independent sexual harassment probe drew less than two dozen supporters — all women who denied being so-called “Cuomosexuals.”

The 20 women rallied outside Cuomo’s midtown Manhattan office to show their support for the embattled governor, carrying signs declaring “Governor Andrew Cuomo Getting it Done for New York,” “Still the Person for the Job,” and “AG has an agenda.” 

Martha Flores-Vazquez, a Democratic district leader from Queens, was among the “crowd” and said, “For a lot of people in New York City this is a sad day in America.”

“This is a sad day that a leader who has been a leader for decades is confronted with a situation like this, and that we might lose one of our strongest leaders,” she said.

Flores-Vazquez, a substance abuse and domestic violence counselor called Cuomo “our hero regarding the COVID pandemic.”

The group rejected any notion they were “Cuomosexuals,” the term coined last year to described those fawning over the governor during his coronavirus briefings.

“I think it’s ridiculous that that term has been used against us to imply some kind of perversion to our point of view. I think it’s ridiculous. It’s totally ridiculous,” Dowling said. 

A man who heckled the crowd disagreed yelling “10,000 dead in nursing homes!”

“Fifty people died in my grandfather’s nursing home. Ten thousand dead in nursing homes,” said the man who did not want to be identified.

The women circled him chanting “Cuomo! Cuomo! Cuomo!”

Several supporters said they simply did not believe those who had accused Cuomo of sexual harassment.

“Women at this point are ridiculous. It’s over the top, they are just going after him,” said a 66-year-old healthcare worker who did not want to give her name. “I don’t believe any of the accusations. I just don’t.”

She said the accusers were “looking for notoriety.”

Rachel Dowling, a writer who works in the wellness industry and who called herself a “lifelong feminist,” said there was ” a huge bias against Gov. Cuomo by the police in general, by police culture, by the GOP.

“I think they are out for him,” she said.

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