Cops release video of suspected serial attacker in Boston suburb

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A serial attacker is terrifying a Boston suburb, assaulting at least 10 strangers with a blunt object since last month, according to police, who released new video of the suspect Thursday.

Footage in Waltham shows the male suspect last week as he’s walking along a street late at night — when all of the attacks have occurred.

A second clip shows the man running along the same street, although his identifying features cannot be seen since he’s too far away from the camera. Investigators hope the footage, however, might lead to a break in the case that has frightened some Waltham residents.

“Based on the incidents themselves, I’m sure there’s some anxiety in our citizens,” Waltham Police Det. Sgt. Stephen McCarty told The Post Thursday.

Investigators believe the suspect in the string of attacks that began on Nov. 10 assaulted his victims with some sort of blunt object, McCarthy said.

Officials in the city of 62,000 residents west of Boston said Tuesday the man “appears to be lying in wait” and surprises his victims. A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.

“Residents should remain aware of their surroundings, especially when out after dark,” a statement read. “[Police] are using all means necessary to being these cases to an end as quickly as possible.”

Police said during a news conference Tuesday that the man ambushed his victims while wearing a mask or a hoodie pulled tightly around his face and doesn’t say anything prior to pouncing, the Boston Globe reported.

“The motive is somewhat in question, but it appears to be a thrill of the assault, or someone who’s very violent and enjoys seeing someone hurt by this,” Police Chief Keith MacPherson told reporters. “There’s never been a robbery; it’s always been just an assault and the assailant takes off.”

The most recent attack occurred on the day after Thanksgiving and all of the victims were struck in the face, McCarthy said, adding that investigators aren’t sure what kind of weapon they believe he’s using.

Some of the victims had “pretty serious injuries,” MacPherson said Tuesday, including facial fractures, a broken nose and cuts to the face.

One victim told the Globe he was struck twice in the head by a man without warning as he walked along a Waltham street the night before Thanksgiving, sending him dazed into the road.

“[He] it me in my left eye,” Emerson Antonio Aroche Paz,. 41, told the Globe Tuesday. “It happened very quickly.”

Aroche Paz said he wiped blood from his face and tried to see who attacked him, but the man ran off. He then called 911 and went to a hospital, where he was released on Thanksgiving Day.

“My nose broke. Part of my head is cracked,” he told the newspaper. “But my brain is fine.”

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