Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty are blasted for mocking Union flag

BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt are accused of breaking BBC impartiality rules by mocking Robert Jenrick about the size of his Union flag and portrait of the Queen

  • Charlie Stayt launched bizarre monologue saying it was ‘not up to standard size’
  • Naga Munchetty sniggered and commented on Mr Jenrick’s photo of the Queen
  • The pair were blasted online as social media users asked: ‘What’s wrong with it’
  • Another accused the BBC double act of breaking impartiality rules this morning

BBC Breakfast has been slammed after a presenter mocked Robert Jenrick for the size of the Union Flag in his office.

Charlie Stayt launched a bizarre monologue saying it was ‘not up to standard size’, adding ‘it’s just a little bit small’.

Co-host Naga Munchetty sniggered in the background and later commented on the MP’s portrait of the Queen on his wall.

The pair were blasted online as one social media user asked ‘what’s wrong with it’ and another accused the BBC of breaking impartiality rules.

Mr Jenrick was on the show discussing Britain’s vaccine programme after Ursula von der Leyen’s threat to impose an export ban on jabs from the EU.

At the end of the interview Mr Stayt thanked the politician before making strange comments about the Union Flag in the corner of his room.

The presenter said: ‘I think your flag is not up to standard size government interview measurements.’

He added: ‘I think it’s just a little small, but that’s your department, really. Just a thought.’

Mr Jenrick smiled politely but did not comment as the camera went back to the studio where Ms Munchetty was laughing to herself.

She broke an awkward silence in the studio by adding: ‘The picture of the Queen there as well though, in the Westminster office I assume.’

At the end of the interview Mr Stayt thanked the politician before making strange comments about the Union Flag in the corner of his room

Social media users were incensed, with ConservativeHome Chief Executive Mark Wallace tweeting: ‘What a bizarre thing for the BBC to sneer and snigger at.

‘What’s wrong with ministers of the British government having the flag and the monarch on display?’

He added: ‘Even more fundamentally British than the flag and the Queen: smiling awkwardly when someone does something rude or weird.’

Conservative MP James Cleverly posted: ‘It’s not a small flag. It’s in the far corner of the room.’

Former MEP for the East of England Patrick O’Flynn said: ‘Classic example life on Planet BBC.

‘If Jenrick had told them: ”Screw you for mocking our flag and our monarch” he’d have been a superstar by lunchtime.’

Former BBC politics presenter Andrew Neil added: ‘Sometimes the BBC forgets what the first B stands for.’

Baroness Hoey, former Labour MP for Vauxhall, wrote: ‘This is exactly why should no longer be allowed to charge a licence fee – always snidy about anyone standing up for our country and Her Majesty. #defundthebbc.’

Actor and London Mayor hopeful Laurence Fox said: ‘Why is the @bbc so comprehensively stocked with sneering moral supremacists who look down their noses at the silly little proles, who love their country, like some sort of relic from a bygone era? #defundthebbc.’

Conservative commentator Darren Grimes put: ‘The BBC loathes the ”British” part of its name – sneering at the taxpayers that fund it – as they luxuriate in their large salaries paid for by you.’

Mr Jenrick smiled politely but did not comment as the camera went back to the studio where Ms Munchetty was laughing to herself

One man posted: ‘Charlie Stayt is the least impartial person on TV news! His bias was laid bare during Brexit!’

David Wright wrote: ‘I’ve just watched the Jenrick flag clip with Naga sniggering away. Total embarrassment both of them.

‘Oddly they conduct lots of interviews with people from other nations many of whom have the national flag as a background and of course not a word from either of them about that.’

Kevin Gallagher wrote: ‘Jenrick is appointed by HM the Queen who is head of state of the UK.

‘It is entirely appropriate that a minister of the crown should have a British flag and a portrait of the Queen! BBC yet again showing how out of touch they are!’

One man put: ‘If only Stayt and Munchetty could get at Tory ministers where it really hurts, their policies.

‘I see no need for flags in Zoom rooms but by being cheap & lazy, this pair have only managed to signal that the BBC has no respect for the country. Mock Jenrick, not his accessories.’

David Rose said online: ‘Does the same apply to all the SNP politicians who often appear with the Scottish flag in a rampant display of nationalism?

‘Jenrick is a member of the Conservative and Unionist Party. The clue is in the name. Unionist. Union Jack.’

Another user wrote: ‘Charlie Stayt’s comments on regarding Robert Jenrick’s Union Flag were not in the slightest amusing.

‘Perhaps he might like to apologise? His later attempts at humour with a later guest were similarly uncalled for and cringe-worthy.’

David Byers added: ‘What a complete pr*t Charlie Stayt is mocking Robert Jenrick for having our country’s flag in his office.

‘Also Naga Munchetty giggling like a pathetic adolescent in the these idiots not understand what the first initial in the BBC stands for.’

A handful online saw the funny side of Mr Stayt and Ms Munchetty’s comments, with one writing: ‘@BBCBreakfast please pass on our congratulations to Charlie Stayt.’

Another said: ‘Charlie Stayt – legend!’ While one person posted: ‘I love Charlie Stayt with every fibre of my being this morning!!’

And one added: ‘Charlie Stayt my bloody hero. Great timing and Naga’s reaction is priceless.’

Mr Jenrick and the BBC have been approached for comment.

Elsewhere today Mr Jenrick demanded the EU ‘stick to their side of the bargain’ on vaccine supply as he blasted Ms von der Leyen.

The Housing Secretary said he was ‘surprised and disappointed’ by her stance as he suggested she was breaking her word after giving a ‘very clear commitment’.

Mr Jenrick said he ‘hopes and expects’ the EU to allow vaccine manufacturers within the bloc to deliver on the contracts they have signed with the UK.

Meanwhile former PM of Finland Alexander Stubb claimed 40 per cent of the vaccines bought by the EU are ‘in various storage in European member states’.

He argued Ms von der Leyen’s sabre-rattling was actually an attempt to motivate member states to ‘get their act together’ and accelerate the rollout of jabs.

Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, sparked anger yesterday after threatening to ban the export of coronavirus vaccines

European leaders have turned on one-another in the latest episode of the bloc’s shambolic jabs saga, amid fury at the decision to block the use of AstraZeneca vaccines as a third wave of infections looms 

Mr Stubb said the export ban threat was simply reflecting the ‘political reality’ as he claimed the EU is ‘by far the biggest producer of the vaccines’.

Ministers yesterday condemned Brussels’ ‘brinkmanship’ after Ms von der Leyen complained the Bloc is sending millions of doses to other countries.

Speaking as the EU’s vaccine rollout descended deeper into chaos, Ms von der Leyen called on Britain to begin sending AstraZeneca jabs overseas.

She lashed out at the drug-maker for ‘under-producing and under-delivering’ doses, saying it is to blame for the slow place of Europe’s roll-out.

That is despite 19 countries, such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain, halting the use of AstraZeneca jabs over unfounded fears they cause blood clots.

Ms von der Leyen said ‘all options are on the table’ because ‘we are in the crisis of the century’.

Alexander Stubb, the former prime minister of Finland, today claimed 40 per cent of the vaccines bought by the EU are in storage 

Europe’s already-slow jab roll-out has been hit by further delays after the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine was temporarily suspended. The UK has relied heavily on AstraZeneca jabs to power ahead with its roll-out, which is one of the world’s fastest

It raises the possibility stocks of Pfizer vaccine manufactured in Belgium could be prevented from getting to Britain.

Mr Jenrick told Sky News this morning the comments made by the President of the European Commission were not ‘at all helpful’.

He said: ‘I was surprised and disappointed by those comments but the Prime Minister had spoken earlier in the year to Ursula von der Leyen and she gave a very clear commitment which was that the EU would not engage in this sort of activity, that contractual responsibilities would be honoured and that is exactly what we intend to do and I hope and expect the EU to stick to their side of the bargain as well.

‘It isn’t at all helpful if we enter into this sort of conversation. That is not the way the UK is behaving or wants to behave in the future.

‘We all need to work together to get through this. Supplies of vaccines rely on very complex international manufacturing supply chains as we have just said and so everybody needs to have free trade of vaccines and not get into this sort of difficulty.’

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