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RENTING has become increasingly popular over the last few years due to a steep increase in property prices.

But are you able to bring your fur pet to live in your rental without your landlord's permission? Find out here

Can I have a pet without my landlord's permission?

The short answer is no.

Tenants must seek written consent from the landlord if they have added a no-pets clause to your contract or specified that your tenants must seek permission first.

If you have pets without your landlord's permission, they can bring in eviction proceedings using a Section 8 notice, under the Housing Act 1988, for breach of the tenancy agreement.

However, a new law announced on June 16, means landlords cannot refuse a request for a furry friend without a good reason such as the condition of the building's lease or the landlord's insurance policy.

Alternatively, you can come to an arrangement with your tenant if you wish to bring a pet in such as paying an additional deposit to cover damage or a rent increase.

Which pets can I have in my rented property?

Most of the time you can have any pet for a rental property as long as it is agreed by the landlord.

The most important thing is to consider whether the proposed pet is right for the property

A large dog would be unsuitable for a small flat, but a hamster, less so.

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An older dog or cat is less likely to cause damage than an energetic puppy or kitten.

In 2020, only 7% of landlords advertised their property as suitable for pets (GOV.UK).

What other laws are in the Renters Reform Bill?

The four main laws in the Renters Reform Bill include:

  • The Decent Homes Standard* will be extended to the private renting sector, giving all renters the legal right to a safe and warm home
  • A ban on Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions, protecting tenants from dishonest landlords while strengthening landlords’ legitimate grounds for taking back their property
  • Creation of a new Private Renters’ Ombudsman to settle disputes between private renters and landlords at low cost and without going to court
  • Introduction of a property portal to help landlords understand their obligations and give tenants performance information to hold their landlord to account

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The Renters Reform Bill was first introduced in April 2019 and aims to improve conditions and rights for those in the rented sector.

It was included in the Queen’s Speech in May 2022 and is considered to be the “biggest change to renters law in a generation”.

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