Brexit: Uncivil War divides UK all over again as Leavers claim Channel 4 show 'funded by EU' and Remainers in tears over vote loss replay

BREXIT: The Uncivil War has divided Britain all over again – as Remainers fume with anger over loss while Leave viewers claim the drama was funded by the EU.

The Channel 4 show stars Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch as Leave campaign mastermind Dominic Cummings.

Written by award-winning playwright James Graham, the slick comedy-drama focuses on the historic EU Referendum of 2016.

While many viewers have praised the writing and acting in the show, many Twitter users are not happy.

One Leaver on social media claims the film was funded by Brussels.

He wrote: "#BrexitTheUncivilWar Channel 4 Documentary funded by the EU and the agreed payment on the 19/2/2018" before linking to a press release.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been flooded with posts from Remainers who claim they are refusing to watch the show.

One said: "Anyone watching #BrexitUncivilWar not at all angry, the systematic destruction of our country with the mad push to leave the EU is considered entertainment?"

Another posted: "Watching #BrexitUncivilWar no idea why I’m doing this to myself. Wonder if we’ll win this time?

A third tweeted: "I could watch the Brexit Uncivil War thing but I'm f***ed off about everything enough as it is thank you."

Another wrote: "Only 5 minutes in and I’m shaking with anger.  #BrexitTheUncivilWar"

One Twitter user said: "It’s very uncomfortable watching #BrexitTheUncivilWar. The whole nation was duped!!!"

Some Leave voters tweeted their anger at the film.

One said: "Will not be watching, it in fact I am boycotting it the only thing that is uncivil is the appalling way the EU and the systems of Government have behaved!



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"The people delivered a democratic result, you stole it once before Not this time!"

One Remainer praised the Leave campaign strategist Cummings portrayed by actor Cumberbatch.

They wrote: "If this is accurate, I have to admit that Cummings ran a much slicker, more voter-based operation than Remain did.

"Unless Remain were also doing such underground, covert work, they were caught entirely on the hop."

Who is the cast of Brexit: The Uncivil War?

The rest of the cast supporting Cumberbatch are:

    • Rory Kinnear – Sir Craig Oliver, David Cameron's communications chief and a former BBC editor
    • John Heffernan – Matthew Elliott,  British political strategist who was the chief executive of Vote Leave
    • Lee Boardman – Arron Banks, the controversial millionaire businessman who helped run Leave.EU, a rival Brexit campaign group
    • Richard Goulding – Boris Johnson, the now Foreign Secretary was the biggest star of the Brexit campaign
    • Oliver Maltman – Michael Gove, one of David Cameron's closest friends ended up sacrificing his friendship with the PM to back Brexit
    • Paul Ryan – Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader was the frontman for Leave.EU but had a fraught relationship with Vote Leave
    • Liz White – Mary Wakefield, a journalist and the wife of Dominic Cummings

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