Argentine MP quits after he was caught kissing and fondling his girlfriend's boob during virtual Covid debate on Zoom

AN ARGENTINE politican has resigned after he was caught kissing and fondling his girlfriend's boob during a parliamentary Zoom meeting on the coronavirus.

Fellow MPs looked on in horror as Juan Emilio Ameri, 47, pulled down his lover's top and plopped a big kiss onto her right breast.

Argentina's escalating coronavirus crisis was far from Mr Ameri's mind as a shocking clip shows him pull his lover onto his lap and smooch her chest – while other MPs listen intently to the debate.

House president Sergio Massa interrupted the session to report the "serious offence" – and suspended the lawmaker for 180 days.

The bewildered speaker said: "We are going to listen to the explanation, but we cannot allow this."

In a tearful interview with Todo Noticias, a disgraced Ameri confirmed he had resigned from his post after the incident and spoke of his shame.

He said: "It was serious, really. I take responsibility.

"I’m very ashamed."

Ameri said that he thought his camera was off during the steamy session – but admitted he couldn't keep his hands off his new lover after her boob job.

He continued: "Here in the centre of the country the connection is very poor.

"My partner came out of the bathroom, and I asked her how her implants were doing and I kissed them, because she had surgery ten days ago to have them put in.”

Bursting into tears on live television, he added: "It was a moment of intimacy with my partner that leaked.

"It was serious, really, I take charge and I am very ashamed. I am very distressed by what is happening."

Mr Ameri is a senator in the northwest Salta Province for the ruling Frente de Todos coalition.

According to local media, the politician had become estranged from ex-wife Alejanda Escudero, who he has three daughters with.

Cronica identified the woman in the clip as Celeste Burgos – one of his political advisers.

Furious MPs have since called for Mr Ameri's expulsion from the house after the bust up.

Opposition senator Luis Juez told Argentine media: "There is no explanation for such obscene, impudent, dishonourable conduct."

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