Why is Ben Shephard in hospital?

BEN Shephard has revealed he is in hospital.

The Good Morning Britain host has been noticeably absent from the ITV breakfast show.

Why is Ben Shephard in hospital?

Ben is in hospital after suffering a nerve injury during a football match in June 2020.

He is now having an operation to help fix the injury.

The TV presenter faces a lengthy recovery after he ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament, torn his meniscus and fractured his leg during a football match.

Ben injured himself when he played in the cup final of the Arthur Dunn veterans' cup.

How is Ben Shephard doing?

On July 6, 2021 Ben posted a photo on Instagram showing pen marks made by a surgeon prior to his op, and wrote: "Op happens today! So far so good – arrow is on the correct leg!"

"So they have repaired the ACL and the meniscus, so now starts the rehab, the very slow rehab."

He later added: "That's not fake tan by the way, I promise. Despite my Essex roots, I did not fake tan before my surgery.

Ben, who could be seen in his hospital gown as he said: "I have to say though, the painkillers seem to be doing the job right now."

When will Ben Shephard return to TV?

It is unclear when Ben will return to GMB, but Susanna Reid said on July 7, 2021 that he "would be back in the studio soon."

Giving his medical opinion on Ben's unfortunate injury, GMB's Dr Hilary Jones said: "That's a nasty injury."#

"Basically it's the ligament that holds the lower leg onto the upper leg, so it is quite dramatic."

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