When does Earth From Space start on BBC One and what's it about?

THE brand new series will be looking at our planet from space and exploring how it's changing.

Here's how to watch…

When does Earth From Space start on BBC One?

Earth From Space starts TONIGHT (April 17.)

The new show will be aired on BBC1 at 9pm.

And last for an hour.

It will be up against MotherFatherSon on BBC2 and The Bay on ITV.

As well as the first episode of four-parter Chimerica on Channel 4.

What's it about?

The show does what it says on the tin – it explores earth from space.

Satellite cameras orbiting in space reveal stories of life on our plant from a new perspective.

The different colours and textures detected reveal new discoveries about our planet and just how fast things are changing.

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