Watch NBA Players Read Mean Tweets About Themselves on 'Kimmel'

In the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets,” the late-night host has tapped a slew of NBA players to read negative opinions about themselves on air. Everyone from Russell Westbrook to Anthony Edwards to Jalen Suggs participated in “Mean Tweets – NBA Edition 2022” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In the clip, Westbrook kicks things off, reading, “Russell Westbrook dresses like a 70 year old uncle with a timeshare in Florida.” The Lakers played replies, “I’m a fresh 70 year old, I’ll tell you that much.”

Edwards seems confused as he reads his misspelled tweet: “When we gonna start taking about Anthony Edwards problem? He don’t run. He don’t defend. He don’t rebound. He don’t shoot.” Edwards responds, “I mean, we can start taking about it right now. Whatever that means.”

As the videos continues, Jarrett Allen get the best tweet of the bunch: “Why Jarrett Allen look like Shaggy when he run.”

Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” have become one of the late-night show’s most popular segments. Last year, the latest edition of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” included Tom Hanks, Kevin Hart, Tom Holland, and Timothée Chalamet. Last summer’s edition with NBA players included Shaquille O’Neal, Dwight Howard, and Grant Hill, and in 2020, around the election, politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren got in on the fun.

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