Virgin River season 4 theory: Jack’s shooter to be exposed as Mel’s ex’s sister Stacie

Martin Henderson: Virgin River star reveals he's back in US

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Virgin River fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the Netflix show’s fourth season, while the cast prepares for production on season five. Ahead of its return fans believe they have figured out who was behind Jack Sheridan’s (played by Martin Henderson) shock shooting.

Back in season two, viewers were left on the edge of their seats as the finale showed Jack become the victim of attempted murder in the finale.

As the series returned, questions were still left unanswered as the truth about the shooting remained uncovered.

While the character healed and made a full recovery an investigation had begun, however, police had struggled to find a motive.

It was also a huge shock for the locals of the small town as Jack was a loved member of the community and owned the only bar and restaurant.

Despite this, a new theory has emerged from fans who believe they have uncovered the identity of the shooter.

Taking to Reddit, user Eleouise37 shared they didn’t buy into the other popular speculations and claimed Jack said a name while he was left for dead.

They wrote: “Many people claim that Jacks says Stacie after being shot, I thought he said stay but apparently he may be saying the whole name.

“It also sounds like the character is coming back next season, which could support the idea that she could be the shooter (or someone she knows).”

The user continued: “The main thing which bugs me is the lack of motive unless there’s something we don’t know.

“She probably can’t handle a gun, and it may have been an accident.

“We also know she’s a nasty human being and still resentful about the ring and Mel moving on after Mark’s death.”

Through a series of flashbacks, viewers were introduced to Mel Monroe’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) late husband Mark Monroe (Daniel Gillies).

His tragic death led to Mel relocating to Virgin River for a fresh start, where she met and fell in love with Jack.

At the beginning of season two, Marc’s sister Stacie (Melinda Dahl) arrived in the town, tracked down Mel and demanded she return the ring.

She wanted it because she had recently gotten engaged and the ring was a family heirloom.

Mel refused to return it as Mark had only been dead for a year and Mel was still grieving his loss and everything they had planned.

Stacie overheard as Mel shared her concerns with Jack and was fuming as she confronted them.

As a result, it could be likely Stacie was so angry she wanted to kill Jack, however, there was also the possibility the shooting was a complete mistake.

In the comments, other fans disagreed as they shared their own theories.

Itstimegeez suggested: “I think it’s Charmaine’s new husband.”

While Scary_Koala_2934 added: “I think it’s the ‘good’ cop buddy. I’m guessing the big spin is he’s really the mastermind behind Calvin and was the one tipping him off to raids.”

Hopefully for fans, their long-standing question will finally be answered when season five lands in July.

Virgin River is available on Netflix.

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