Time runs out as Sarah and Audrey discover Stephen's lies in Corrie

Shortly after Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) returned to Coronation Street, it became apparent that he was completely broke and planning to steal Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicolls) money.

One of the ways he hoped to do this was by getting access to the equity release money from Audrey’s home and even went as far as asking Gabrielle (Helene Maksoud) to ring Audrey and pretend to be a mortgage broker.

Stephen was successful in gaining some of his mum’s cash, but the focus of the plan changed as a result of Leo’s (Joe Frost) murder, Audrey taking Sam (Jude Riordan) on a posh holiday and deciding to change the details of her will.

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Coming up, Angelique arrives at Underworld and breaks the news that she won’t be renewing the Nippersnapper contract.

Stephen then finds Carla (Alison King) and reveals that Sarah (Tina O’Brien) and Michael (Ryan Russell) are considering buying the company outright.

Elsewhere, Sarah bumps into Tim (Joe Duttine), who warns her that Stephen is a liar who claimed that he was coercively controlled by Gabrielle, but then tried to pass her off as a business consultant for the factory.

As suspicions start to grow, Audrey shows Gail (Helen Worth) a statement from an equity release company and then hands it to Sarah, wondering if it’s got anything to do with the visit she had from the estate agent a few months ago – which was organised by Stephen.

Sarah and Audrey are certainly onto something, but are they about to work out that Stephen has stolen Audrey’s cash?

‘I like the way the story is developing and how all these little things are starting to add up’, Todd Boyce said.

‘For now he still feels that he can talk his way out of all these situations but actually the walls are starting to close in on him, how is he going to explain the equity release letter, what is his mental health like now as he struggles with the inquiry into Rufus’ death. Just when he feels he is getting where he wants to be, it is all unravelling behind the scenes.’

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