Drew Scott Makes His Son Parker Crack Up & It’s Too Cute To Miss

You never know what it will take to make a baby smile. Sometimes they are the toughest critics, and other times the simplest things will have them cracking up. Drew Scott had his son in a fit of giggles over the weekend, and we can’t help but watch the video on repeat. I mean, come on, Scott’s followers were right when they said the baby’s laughs are “absolutely adorable.”

The HGTV star shared footage of his Parker, 1 standing on the couch, holding onto the back, and looking out the window. “I’m the funniest guy Parker knows,” Scott wrote over the video. In the precious clip, Scott is outside, walking backward, dancing side to side, and spinning around in and out of the frame. All the while, Parker — who Scott shares with wife Linda Phan — is giggling and jumping up and down, making his curly locks go flying.

“If only the rest of the world found me this entertaining,” Scott captioned the video.

Followers loved the intimate look at this father-son relationship. “This is the best! If we could see ourselves through our child’s eyes ❤️.” “That little laugh😂 take it all in, because they are young men before you know it 🩵” “Soooo sweet!!!” “This is absolutely adorable!!!!” “Love that age, where Mom & Dad are faultless and wonderful and hilarious! 😊🥰”

This was such a win for Scott, since a recent video showed that the 1-year-old doesn’t always think his dad is so hilarious. Last month, the Property Brothers co-host posted a video of him telling his son a string of dad jokes.

“When does a dad joke become a dad joke? … When it’s a-parent. Want to hear a joke about paper? … Never mind, it’s tear-able. Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon? … Because she’ll ‘Let It Go.’”

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On and on it went, but Parker didn’t seem to care. “Looks like I have to step up my #DadJoke game. Any suggestions? 🤔,” Scott captioned the video. Followers quickly compiled a list for Scott to add to his repertoire.

“How much does a chimney cost? Nothing. It’s on the house.” “Why did the cookie go to the doctor? It was feeling crumby. 😂” “What has two knees and swims??? Tunie fish.”

Maybe it’s time to test those out, Scott, while you have the momentum going from your outside-the-window shenanigans! Or maybe you shouldn’t test your luck. Just keep being silly and hopefully Parker will keep giggling in a way that we’re sure makes you and Phan smile endlessly. We know it puts a smile on our faces!

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