This Is Officially the Least Popular 'Naruto' Character

Every great show is only as strong as its characters. This is equally true for anime. They need compelling storylines and solid animation. But people love stories driven by interesting personalities. One anime that has no shortage of these is Naruto

Fans of the show were polled online about their favorite character. While the overall results may not surprise many other fans of the show, one character came in dead last. This would officially be the least popular Naruto character. What were the poll results, who rounded out the field, and the show’s overall popularity? 

The character popularity poll results are not surprising

The Naruto Fan Wiki revealed its “Character Poll 7” with official fan rankings of the characters. Naruto lovers could likely look at any popularity list and accurately predict some of the top finishers in any poll. That’s true of this one as well. Fans aren’t likely to find these results too surprising. 

Heading up the list with 6,880 votes was Naruto himself, which shouldn’t come as a shock. He’s the basis for the entire series. If he weren’t the most popular character, it would act as a strike against the show. 

So who fills out the top 10? Below is a list of each character holding down the 2 to 10 spots in the poll, along with the number of votes they received: 

  • Sasuke Uchiha – 5,791 votes
  • Kakashi Hatake – 4,828 votes
  • Gaara – 4,239 votes
  • Itachi Uchiha – 4,011 votes
  • Deidara – 3,623 votes
  • Minato Namikaze – 3,477 votes
  • Sasori – 3,152 votes
  • Shikamaru Nara – 2,533 votes
  • Hinata Hyūga – 2,517 votes

Sasuke was a strong second-place finisher, while the next three cleared 4,000 for an impressive finish. From there, there’s a little less separation between the individual characters. 

This is a testament to the show’s strength. Many characters receiving this many votes speak to how many well-rounded parts make up the series. However, it’s clear who voters liked the least. 

This is officially the least popular ‘Naruto’ character

Coming in dead last with a paltry six votes was the character of Fu. According to the show’s fandom wiki, Fu is a jinchuriki, another term for a human with a tailed beast living within them. She’s also a ninja similar to Naruto. She had a seven-tailed beast living inside her, only to die when it was extracted. 

She has a “petite, androgynous” appearance. Known for being a skilled shinobi, another word for ninja, she has an advanced ability to predict what will happen on the field of battle. She can effectively respond to her enemies because of this heightened sense of perception. 

She hates humanity because her home villagers reject her in the original manga on which the anime is based. None of them come to her aid when she’s initially captured, leading to her frustration with the human race as a whole. 

Why anime fans love ‘Naruto’

Fu may not be the first character many people think of when discussing the series, but there’s no doubt they have plenty of others to choose from when it comes to picking their favorite. 

The anime tells the story of a young ninja named Naruto. Born with a beast living inside him known as the Nine-Tailed Fox, he’s banished from his village in disgrace. It’s then up to him to train his hardest to become a hero, eventually being hailed by the villagers. 

One interesting aspect of how unpopular Fu is how she shares many of the same traits as Naruto. It goes to show that characterization is important despite being similar. Fans view one as being superior to the other based on the actions and depiction of the characters. 

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