‘The View’: Joy Behar Criticizes Unvaccinated Aaron Rodgers for ‘Exposing Teammates’

Additionally, guest co-host Paula Faris calls the Green Bay Packers quarterback, who recently who tested positive for COVID-19, ‘sneaky,’ adding, ‘He misled everybody.’

AceShowbizJoy Behar had some few words for Aaron Rodgers. In the Friday, November 5 episode of “The View“, Joy called out the Green Bay Packers quarterback, who tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday November 3, for misleading people about his vaccine status.

After playing a clip of Aaron saying that he was “immunized” in a press conference which led ESPN’s Steven A. Smith to call him a “liar,” Joy accused Aaron for being irresponsible for being in a close-contact sport like football while not getting vaccinated. “The NFL says that they’re investigating whether Rodgers violated protocols, but let me say, the guy’s in a huddle six days a week, breathing on people, and directly exposing his teammates to covid,” Joy noted.

“Does ‘Typhoid Mary’ ring a bell anybody? It’s not a job where you’re away from people. You’re right on top of each other in that game,” the co-host went on to say.

Fellow co-host Sunny Hostin then likened Aaron to NBA player Kyrie Irving, who publicly refused to get COVID-19 vaccine. However, Sunny noted that Kyrie was forthcoming in his decision, which made him benched, while Aaron was not being honest.

Also criticizing Aaron was Sara Haines. “If you are lying to me, you’re putting me at risk to make a personal decision, which we keep talking about-a personal decision about my life,” she said. As for guest co-host Paula Faris, she called Aaron “sneaky” and added, “He misled everybody. … You have to wear a mask at all times, which he’s not doing. I just think come out and say you’re not vaccinated.”

Sara doubled down on his criticism against Aaron as she stressed that Aaron as a QB was supposed to be the leader of the team. “The quarterback is the worst one. You’re supposed to guide your team through everything, and he is lying,” she said.

Meanwhile, when asked if Aaron’s comment was misleading, coach Matt LaFleur said, “It’s a great question for Aaron, I’m not going to comment on it.” He was also asked if Aaron was being selfish for opting out vaccine, to which Matt replied, “I think everybody has to make their own personal decision, and that’s just is what it is.”

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