Maher Suggests 'Heroes of the Coup' Commemorative Coins for Fans of the Jan 6 Riot (Video)

Sure, why not

“Now they’ve come around to actually embracing the idea that ‘no, it actually wasn’t a bad day at all,” Maher continued. “It was us and we’re proud of it.”

“They’re basically saying these were brave patriots,” he said — and this is, by the way, depressingly true — ” to the point that we thought we could make some money off this.”

That’s when Maher cued up the gag, a commercial for “The Franklin Mint’s ‘Heroes of the Coup’ commemorative coin collection.”

The commercial promised coins paying tribute to: Ashli Babbitt; Sen. Josh Hawley; “The guy who stole the podium”; “The guy bear-spraying a Capitol police officer”; “The guy who attacked police with a crutch”; “The hanging off the Senate balcony guy”; “The ‘Camp Auschwitz’ sweatshirt guy”; “and of course, the QAnon Shamen, complete with his majestic helmet.”

“Each month you’ll receive a brand new coin to remind family and friends, ‘I’m not just trolling you, I completely bought into this,” the ad continues.

In addition, the ad promised a preserved “piece of the actual feces smeared on Nancy Pelosi’s wall on that magical day,” as well as a “commemorative Rudy Giuliani syrup dispenser,” which leaks syrup from the sides, just like his hair dye did in 2020.

Watch the whole thing above.

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