The Traitors viewers left raging as ‘spoiler’ exposed on Lorraine

The Traitors: Amanda has deciding vote on who is the traitor

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The Traitors, a deceptive game show hosted by Claudia Winkleman, has been captivating BBC viewers for weeks. However, it appears not all fans of the series are up to date with the latest banishments and murders. Therefore, many were left furious when the latest evictee appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Lorraine. 

In the most recent episode of the treacherous reality show, Amanda Lovett was forced to leave the Scottish castle. 

While a lot of fans were already aware she had been kicked off the show, others have yet to watch the dramatic episode. 

An array of Lorraine viewers felt it was unfair to invite Amanda onto the ITV chat show right after her banishment.

Amanda opened up about the experience as a Traitor with Ranvir Singh, who was filling in for Lorraine Kelly. 

JB fumed over Amanda’s appearance and tweeted: “Thanks for spoiling this now as I hadn’t watched it… How about a spoiler alert next time or not putting a name up?”

Emma Jane Duddridge raged: “Thanks for that, I’ve not watched last night’s episode yet!”

@TellyVsPodcasts remarked: “Yeah thanks for the spoiler… Some of us hadn’t seen the episode yet and were literally so looking forward to seeing this marvellous show- thanks for ruining it Ranvir #lorraine.” 

@Bootgirl45 added: “Nice one @lorraine. Massive spoiler for The Traitors, thanks for ruining it for me as I was gonna watch it this morning. Absolutely no point now.” 

However, viewers who were up to date with The Traitors were thrilled to see Amanda on Lorraine. 

Liam penned: “Amanda on #lorraine wearing a traitor gown is iconic #thetraitors.” 

Danny said: “Give [Amanda] her own show. Breakout reality star of the year!” (sic) 

It is understood The Traitors will be returning for a second season, with an official announcement said to be coming soon.

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A source told the Daily Star: “Everyone is hoping it will be even more popular by next year and become one of the biggest shows on TV.”

A BBC spokesperson declined to comment when approached by

The first series featured 22 contestants who were split into Faithfuls and Traitors as they were locked in a battle of wits.

It has taken the Faithfuls days to find the first Traitor among them, and there are more to catch out. 

The final episode of this series will be broadcast on BBC One at 9pm on Thursday. 

Will a Traitor outsmart the Faithfuls and walk away with the prize fund, or will they be banished in time?

The paranoia has been mounting within the group for days, and Amanda’s shock exit left fans gobsmacked. 

The Traitors continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 9pm.

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