The Traitors star details ‘only regret’ over ‘disappointing betrayal’

The Traitors: Wilfred Webster votes for Amanda to leave

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The new BBC reality game show saw 22 contestants thrown into a Scottish castle with three players given the role of a traitor where they had to remain undetected from the other players. One of which included Swansea estate agent Amanda Lovett. Speaking to, she revealed the only regret she has from starring in the hit series.

During the first episode, three people were chosen by host Claudia Winkleman to be the traitors within the series as they were tasked with choosing one faithful to “murder” each night.

In the end, the “murderous” trio was made up of Amanda, Alyssa Chan and Wilfred Webster who had to come together in secret to pick off one of their teammates.

The aim of the game was to remain undetected as a segment of the show, called the round table, would see all the contestants pick one person in the group they believed weren’t being honest.

However, tensions would always run high during the voting section, especially when people would start throwing out their accusations and theories.

In one episode, viewers saw both Amanda and Will write down Alyssa’s name as the other players were starting to grow suspicious of her actions.

Wanting to deflect the attention off of them, they followed the majority and the 21-year-old was revealed to be the first traitor.

Although, speaking to, it looks as though Amanda is remorseful of her decision to eliminate her teammate.

She said: “My only regret is voting Alyssa out, as my mother was Irish and I could hear her from above shouting, ‘What are you doing girl?’

“I thought Alyssa was the weakest of the two so that’s why I chose to keep Will.”

Having words with him after Alyssa’s elimination, Amanda warned Will that he better not pull the same move on her, with him adamant he’d be there for her in the series.

However, in another elimination further down the line, viewers were stunned when Will wrote down Amanda’s name, once again outing another fellow traitor.

When it came to giving his reasons, he apologised to her before telling the group he found it odd how quickly she had turned on her friend, Theo.

Despite Amanda saying Theo’s name as the person she trusted most in the show, she pointed him out as a potential traitor suspect the following day to try and cover her own tracks.
Not going unnoticed by the other players, many thought her swift change in her opinion of him was unusual with the majority of people, including Will, opting to vote her out.
Although Will told Amanda he wouldn’t betray her the same as he did Alyssa, Will’s vote was the deciding factor which meant she was the next person to leave the competition.
Speaking on the brutal exit, she said: “I always knew deep down he would throw me under the bus.

“However, I was disappointed as I thought we were a unit to protect one another.”
In the end, Will managed to make his way to the show’s finale alongside three other players who all stood a chance of walking away with a cash prize of £100,000 between them.
However, right at the last moment, two of the contestants thought Will could potentially be a traitor and voted him out of the show.

With no traitors left at the end of the series, the money was divided between the last three players Hannah, Aaron and Meryl.

The Traitors is available to catch up on BBC iPlayer.

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