'The Masked Singer': Do the Judges Get a List of the Potential Celebrity Contestants?

For many, the best part about watching The Masked Singer is trying to figure out who is behind the mask. However, some people are more curious about what goes on behind the scenes of the singing competition.

Many fans wonder how the judges could guess some of the show’s more obscure contestants, like Barry Zito or Ninja. These fans are also curious about what inspires the judges’ random guesses and how they know so much about the celebrities they’re guessing. Do the judges on The Masked Singer get a list of potential contestants to base their guesses on? 

‘The Masked Singer’ uses mystery to engage audiences 

When The Masked Singer debuted in January 2019, viewers chalked it up to “another competition show.” Fans quickly realized it was about so much more than singing. The Masked Singer is a riddle to be solved. 

Fans enjoy watching The Masked Singer because of the intrigue the show creates. From the elaborate costumes to the clues given about each contestant, fans love trying to solve the puzzle that is The Masked Singer.

Do the judges get a list of possible competitors?

In a Reddit forum about The Masked Singer, one fan asked: “How do the judges know every single celebrity out there?” 

This fan questioned whether the judges were given a list of celebrity contestants behind the scenes. “Do you think they are given a list of like 500 celebrities who it could be, just to narrow it down somewhat?” they continued. “Out of all the celebrities in the entire world, I just don’t know how you would be able to narrow them down. Especially in the earlier episodes where they don’t have a lot of clues.” 

The judges having a list seems entirely possible to some fans. “I noticed when the camera was filming from behind the judges, they have binders with dividers,” another fan commented. “It seemed they had pictures included with it. Maybe they have an alphabetical book with a narrowed down list of celebrities to choose from?”

Others think the judges are left entirely in the dark. “If you’re in the entertainment industry, it’s pretty much part of your job to know who else is also in the entertainment industry,” one viewer wrote. 

Allegedly only a small number of executives know who ‘The Masked Singers’ are 

According to The Masked Singer‘s executive team, the judges don’t have a list to go off of. Fox Entertainment’s President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials Rob Wade says only a small number of the team behind The Masked Singer know who the contestants are. 

Reality Blurred reported that only three executives know the singers’ identity. Wade and two people from his team — Corie Henson and Claire O’Donohoe — are the only ones in the know.

“Everyone above us and very senior members of the FOX organization didn’t want to know,” Wade said during a 2019 press conference. That’s “because they were terrified that they would give it away.”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8PM EST on FOX. 

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