The Hunt for Raoul Moat viewers spot ‘epic failure’ over casting

The Hunt for Raoul Moat Teaser Trailer

The ITV series The Hunt for Raoul Moat recounts Britain’s biggest manhunt as the violent killer was on the run after murdering Samantha Stobbart and Chris Brown. The first of the three-part drama aired on Sunday night, but left viewers underwhelmed as they claimed actor Matt Stokoe, didn’t look like Moat at all.

As the series began, Moat was first seen in prison after he had been charged with hitting his nine-year-old daughter.

Standing by the phone, he was desperate to get hold of Samantha, but she was purposely ignoring his calls, knowing his release was imminent.

However, as the scenes continued viewers of the show picked an issue with actor Matt Stokoe and claimed he looked “nothing” like Raoul Moat.

Taking to their Twitter accounts, Cam Heyes commented: “Raoul was twice the size of this geezer BUT I’m trying to look past the epic failure that is the casting.”

Patrick James added: “Looks nothing like him. #TheHuntforRaoulMoat.”

@Itt39354118 fumed: “Friggin hell he looks nothing like him #thehuntforraoulmoat.”

@clairethehair49 expressed: “The one who is playing the boyfriend Chris looks more like Moat than the one playing him #TheHuntforRaoulMoat Haway @itv thought you would do better.”

@silverhorizon5 penned: “The makers of this programme clearly didn’t look at any pictures of Raoul Moat, because this guy looks absolutely nothing like him!#TheHuntforRaoulMoat.”

@ChurchieBoy1986 wrote: “Raoul Moat I don’t think so #TheHuntforRaoulMoat.” (sic)

However, not all viewers were let down by the casting, as @DavidWa53158736 praised: “Wow, the actor playing #RaoulMoat is an upgrade, certainly a few more strands of DNA #TheHuntforRaoulMoat.”

@itsbr0gan said: “#TheHuntforRaoulMoat the casting in this is absolutely fab btw.” (sic)

Speaking ahead of the series, writer Kevin Sampson said: “The hunt for Raoul Moat gripped me from the start, as it was the first such case to be covered ‘live’ by the new 24-hour news channels in the UK.

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“Even then, it interested me that Moat was being portrayed by some as a ‘legend’ in spite of the brutality of his crimes.

“In 2023, violence against women remains rife and is all too often accompanied by a victim-blaming agenda.”

Kevin added: “I hope this drama will go some way to condemning this narrative.”

The second episode of the series will see Moat attack PC David Rathband (Dan Skinner), leaving him with catastrophic life-changing injuries and deep emotional trauma.

The gunman then contacts the police via letter, saying he’s holding hostages and leading the authorities to launch an intense manhunt to find and stop Moat.

During the final instalment, the police hone in on the village of Rothbury to try and bring in Moat, however, the killer continues to allude the police.

Reaching its end, Moat and the police face a tense stand-off which the police will have to defuse safely.

The Hunt For Raoul Moat will also look at the sensationalist media attention given to the killer as he went on his rampage.

The Hunt for Raoul Moat continues Monday, April 17 from 9pm on ITV.

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