The Cabins’ viewers slam Robyn for ‘smelling her fart’ in bed during tense date

The Cabins' viewers were left feeling uncomfortable after the latest episode showcased the tense second date between Robyn and Mamudo.

Despite the two initially getting on and sharing a bed on their first date, their second date together didn't go as well as fans would have hoped.

Footballer Mamudo soon started to become annoyed with sales executive Robyn as they winded down for the evening and prepared a romantic dinner.

However, Mamudo's frustrations began to build as Robyn didn't know how to cut sweet potato or cook the tasty food option.

Later in the evening, tensions started to escalate further when it came to light that Robyn didn't know how to turn the dishwasher on, annoying Mamudo even more.

After settling into bed for the night, Robyn asked Mamudo if he was tired, he replied in an annoyed tone, saying: "Yes."

Getting comfortable, she dropped the bombshell: "I'm going to trump," before breaking wind, leaving Mamudo feeling uncomfortable as she lifted the covers and smelt her stinker.

Viewers at home were left in a state of disbelief and instantly shared their thoughts across social media.

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Taking to Twitter, one viewer penned: "Did she just sniff under the cover? WTF this girl is vile can the producers go and save Mamudo please #TheCabins".

A second added: "Is Robyn in another world? 'He doesn't mind me farting' he literally turned the other way in bed and rolled his eyes #TheCabins."

Before a third tweeted: "Nah Robyn is proper grim I'm sorry! She's a grown-a*s woman but really has no boundaries! …People for you! #TheCabins".

"Did that Robyn lassie really just fart on the second day? Howling #TheCabins," said a fourth.

Previously, Robyn, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, shared that while she can't date men who are the same height as her or smaller, she will occasionally make exceptions.

While hoping to find Mr Right on Singletown in September 2019, the 26-year-old shared some of her life rules with her date Rob, who hadn't dated for four years.

After discovering that they were both avid football fans, Robyn said her type was "opposite" to Rob, before saying: "But you are good looking."

She added: "You've got the height. Can't have anyone the same height or smaller than me, unless they're packing other ways."

The Cabins airs daily at 9pm on ITV2.

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