The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar defends divisive finale – and reveals Raj is up to 'mischief' after events of sitcom

THE BIG Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar has defended the divisive finale and reveals Raj is up to 'mischief' after the show's events.

Nayyar, 39, who played the lovable astrophysicist in the long-running comedy, has assured fans that Raj's 'adventures are continuing'.

The CBS show came to an end last year after running for 12 seasons.

But many viewers were not happy to see Raj as the only character left single, especially as he'd tried so hard to find true love over the course of the show.

Fans watched as Raj fought against his fear of talking to women in earlier seasons to be on the verge on getting married, only for that to be cancelled.

One of the scenes from the last episode sees Raj back on the dating scene and out with Buffy actor Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Nayyar was quick to defend the writers' decision to keep Raj single and he told the Metro: "I find it quite poignant that the one character that believed in true love so much was the one who didn’t, in the end, find it. It’s beautiful!

"It doesn’t have to be so formulaic, that’s what I loved about the show – it doesn’t have to be a certain way, you know?"

And on Raj's life after The Big Bang Theory?

"The writers at the end of the show, they always said, in our world, Big Bang is coming to an end, but in the world of these characters, they wake up the next morning, and their life continues," added Nayyar.

‘So somewhere, these guys are living and having a great life and their adventures are continuing.

"I don’t know what Raj is doing – but we have this Hindi word called masti. He’s up to some mischief.

"So wherever he is, he’s doing some masti!"

Nayyar's next role is a far cry from his turn as Raj, as he's swapped the sci-fi fan's sweet nature and dog loving character for a cold blooded killer called Sandeep Sing in Netflix's Criminal: UK.

In the show, Sandeep wants to propose a deal with the detective team as they investigate a case.

During the trailer, viewers watch as the murderer is taken into the interrogation room and his cold and calculating persona is clear.

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