The Apprentice recap: Lottie Lion didn’t deserve to get to the interviews, Sian Gabbidon says – The Sun

THE Apprentice finally got to the interview stages and it was both funny and emotional.

We really got to see a more personable side of people like Carina and Pamela.

And when you're being interviewed by Claude, you've got your fair share of cringey moments too.

Most importantly, we finally got to see our two finalists – and who might win Lord Sugar's investment.

But first, let's dive into the business plans, which were Lottie's elite women's club, Carina's bakery chain, Lewis' holiday tour operator, Pamela's range of beauty products and Scarlett's headhunting firm.


Lottie was interesting because it was the first I've ever heard of her business plan – the elite club.

The first thing I thought was that's definitely somewhere I wouldn't get in with my accent. I don't speak the queen's English.

The business was very niche, but I guess it has potential. She had no numbers, which is quite a big part of a business plan. That's mind-blowing.

Lottie did all right with the questioning. I still can't help but feel she's been annoying throughout the process. She is right at times, but even when she is right she is annoying about it.

It's an achievement to get to the final five and she did well to get there. It's quite harsh but I don't think she deserved it.


I liked the sound of Carina' business. She was a strong candidate throughout and I knew she was going to do well.

I agree that she doesn't need to be a baker to be successful. She does need to know how it works, but with the scale of that business it isn't going to matter – she won't be the only one baking.

Carina didn't get mad and she brought a bit of humour in the interviews, so I liked the way she came across.

Final five interviews are tough and emotional. It can hit people really hard. If you've got kids yourself, you can understand why she got emotional as it will change yours and your children's lives.

I do like to see their vulnerable side, it makes people more human. Especially someone as strong as Carina.


Claude opened by saying it was absolute garbage – what a way to start.

It's always harder when the business is an idea. There's no facts, figures, nothing to be like "I've done it and it works". Lewis has the passion but I don't think people were sold on it.

The other side of it is, when you win you go ahead with your business plan. If it's not realistic, you'll be spending all your time rewriting it.

These interviews are so intense and you're so nervous, that some things just fall out. Like saying, "smell ya later".

But I will say no one uses globes – I'll defend him on that.

In the end, when I was watching it, I knew he wouldn't get through anymore rounds.

At least he didn't cry.


I liked that we got to see a softer side to her. Being in that situation – I'm not that much of a crier but we all cried in my series.

You've been away from your family for a long time. So when your mum or whoever gets mentioned, you can break down. I nearly cried watching it!

With Claude, because he's been on task with us, you always think he has your back. But he doesn't! And everyone's businesses is their babies, so when people pick it apart, it gets your back up.

Pamela was a step above Lottie and Lewis. She held her own and she came across well.

Lord Sugar can't have three finalists but if he did, she would've been there. She was strong.


Again, it was nice to see Scarlett show her softer side and hear about her, as well as her background.

I think she did a really good job taking on everyone and she held her own well.

Lord Sugar has two recruitment companies so he knows they do well – she's in for a shot.

She has done amazing throughout and I am glad she's through. In the end, the two right people did go through.

She's been really good throughout, consistent and really level-headed.

Who's going to win? 

These two are my favourites and I'm so glad they are in the final.

If I absolutely have to pick, I think Carina might just win it.

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