Terrified Katie Price discovers her I’m A Celebrity backpack was the only thing stolen in break in

KATIE Price discovered her I’m A Celebrity backpack was the only thing stolen from her Sussex home, The Sun Online can exclusively reveal.

The 42-year-old's £1.3million 'mucky mansions' is currently under renovation but was recently the target of a terrifying break-in.

The telly star was left shocked by the break-in which left the house completely ransacked and the home flooded.

The mum-of-five wasn't home during Sunday's break-in as she lives in a rental property nearby.

The country home is now completely unlivable after the ground floor ceiling collapsed from the flood – causing thousands of pounds of damage to her newly done-up kitchen.

The trespassers also rummaged through Katie's personal boxes in the loft to see what they could find. 

Now in light of the break-in, sources close to Katie has revealed that the only two things taken from the incident was her backpack and water bottle from her first I'm A Celebrity stint in 2004.

The insider added that the former glamour model believes it was a targeted attack by someone who wished to cause "her pain" and hopes police will recover it.

A source told The Sun Online: "Katie realised that the only thing that was taken from the house was her backpack and water bottle from her first I'm A Celebrity appearance – the one where she met Pete.

"It's one of her most treasured possessions and that's why it's so terrifying – whoever broke in must have known what it meant to her, and set out to cause her pain.

"She's hoping it'll be returned as the police have recovered evidence at the house".

Katie's publicist confirmed the story, saying: "Katie will never be able to replace the rucksack.

"Not only is this a piece of reality jungle memorabilia – but holds great personal value to Katie."

Katie recently featured the camouflage print backpack on her YouTube channel while giving her followers a tour around her mansion.

In the clip, she explained to fans it was her backpack from her second appearance in the jungle in 2009.

"This is from my second time in the jungle because they called me 'Katie'," she said.

"Anyway I'm not going to go through it all now, although there is water in here still."

Katie's neighbour discovered the home had been broken into during a routine sweep of the nine-bedroom home and its 12-acres of land.

Sussex Police confirmed the incident to The Sun, but said it was not known whether anything had been stolen.

The break-in has shaken Katie who is now living just ten minutes away from her ex-husband Peter Andre and their kids.

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