Teen Mom star Briana DeJesus slammed for buying a ‘dangerous’ motorcycle as mother of two – The Sun

TEEN Mom star Briana Dejesus has been slammed for buying a motorcycle.

The 26-year-old was accused of being "irresponsible" for making the purchase as a mother to two young daughters – Nova, nine, and Stella, three.

Briana shared a photo of the motorcycle on Twitter on Monday, writing: "My new baby."

She added: "It was always my dream (#1 on my bucket list) to own a bike and I did that and I’m happy.

"It’s for my enjoyment."

Her followers said using the bike was "bad news" considering she's "basically a single mom".

One wrote: "It is nice to treat yourself and it's definitely a nice ride but come on Briana, you're a mom with two kids.

"Did you ever think about what would happen to them if they lost you. It's possible their dads could get them. Grow up, girl!"

Another added: "Sounds very irresponsible since she basically claims to be a single mom. So you are comfortable taking the risk of leaving both of your children without parents?"

A third posted: "This has bad news written all over it. I really hope she gets over this quick for her children's sake."

It's not the first time Briana has been criticized for her parenting.

Back in April, the Teen Mom 2 star was slammed for letting Nova have a pet snake – which bit her within days of buying it.

Briana explained in her Instagram Stories that her ex and Nova's father, Devoin Austin II, had bought the snake.

She wrote: "Can't believe her dad gave in and got her snake. Ima beat his a**," before adding, "This damn snake already nibbled on Novas finger. I am done."

This comes after Briana called Devoin out for not helping financially after he flashed stacks of bills and asked fans if anyone was trying to get a "few bands."

Bands is slang for $1000.

Briana responded: "You better start helping with Nova if that's the case."

Devoin did not hold back as he shot back: "You got stfu w this 'start’ s*it. Wtf have I BEEN Lol. I know it’s teen mom season coming up. But chill out!!!"

Briana later told Celeb Magazine that Devoin "did send me $80 after I blasted him yesterday on Instagram."

Aside from Nova, Briana also shares daughter Stella, three, with her "absent" baby daddy Luis Hernandez.

However, earlier this month Luis made an appearance at his young daughter's birthday party.


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