Teen Mom Jenelle Evans insists her marriage to David Eason is 'stronger than ever' after separation & restraining order

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans insisted her marriage to David Eason is "stronger than ever" after separation and restraining order.

The MTV alum had been doing a YouTube series where she talked about the reason why she separated from David back in 2019, but has MIA as she deals with a series of health scares.

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Jenelle, 29, opened up about her relationship with her husband of almost four years as she told InTouch Weekly: "We communicate a lot better, so we tell each other how we’re feeling.

"I think we both take that into consideration now, whereas before we were kind of ignoring each other."

The mom of three also opened up about how he felt when she decided to reveal to their Teen Mom 2 fans the reasons why she walked away from their marriage in 2019.

"He really doesn’t mind because he knows that it was the past, he knows that we were both angry at each other,” she explained.

She also revealed that "he sees all the episodes before I air them, adding "I make sure of that because I want him to know what’s gonna be out there."

"He’s been a good sport about it!"

To say that Jenelle and David have had a tumultuous relationship is not enough.

After the two got married in 2017, things got so bad between them that Jenelle packed up her kids and mom in a car before driving all the way down to Nashville, where she filed a restraining order against him.

She has now claimed he "never abused her" despite citing several instances when she feared for her and her kids' lives when they fought.

Jenelle also contacted authorities regarding her husband’s abuse multiple times during their three-year marriage.

She wrote in the protective order request: “Because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior and his large stockpile of weapons, I am scared for my life and my children’s well-being.”

But in January 2020 she dropped the restraining order and was then spotted on dates with David in Nashville.

She later claimed in a video: "David has never abused the children. He’s never abused me. We’re all happy here as a family."

She claimed in a recent video that she only filed the restraining order to get space from David.

She told viewers: "After I filled the no contact order against David… I was really scared and nervous because I wasn't sure of how he was going to react."

Jenelle continued: "I didn't know if he was gong to freak out.

"Ensley was also in the order, so then it prevented him from even seeing Ensley and I knew that would make him angry as well.

"But again I wanted to do this to get space between us.

"And I know at the time he didn't take it like that, but that was my intention.

"And I wasn't about to explain myself because every time we would talk we would just butt heads and argue."

Before their separation, back in April 2019, David shot and killed the family dog Nugget, resulting in her firing from Teen Mom 2.

The shooting also forced Child Protective Services to temporarily remove their children from their care.

She admitted she worried what he would do once he got served with the no-contact order she filed back in 2019, as he was "making knives."

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