Spoilers: Zara takes a risk with babysitting Joe in Doctors

Zara and Daniel (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh and Matthew Chambers) run into a babysitting issue this coming week in Doctors. Izzie may have gone now but there’s still their young son, Joe (Oliver Falconer) to think about.

Matters come to a head when they receive a call from the school telling them the boilers have broken there and that all the children are being sent home.

Zara thinks she has the solution: ask Cindy Haywick (Tamsin Hunt) to keep an eye on Joe while they are both at work. Cindy is the mother of Corey (Alex Bullock) who Joe was in Swimming Club with. Daniel doesn’t really remember Cindy and is not so sure about this plan.

However, Cindy seems happy to help and on their arrival the two boys rush upstairs to play video games together. But Zara is uneasy. The house is very messy and Zara is forced to supress her doubts as she leaves. Later, she goes to collect Joe early after hearing a troubling amount of commotion in the background during a brief phone call to the house.

On arriving she is shocked to find Cindy completely absent with Corey even suggesting she has left them alone to go down the pub. Outraged, Zara takes both boys away to her own office.

But things go from bad to worse when Corey has an accident there. Cindy eventually turns up and asks what exactly is going on. Is there any chance at all that the two adults can resolve the matter peacefully?

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