Spoilers: Tracy and Paula's New Year passion confirmed in Corrie?

Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) and Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) have had their ups and downs in Coronation Street, but they’re certainly in a good place right now. However, in spite of this, it appears as if Tracy will risk it all for a one-night-stand in the coming episodes, as she sees the New Year in with a bang.

An argument ensues between Tracy and Steve when she discovers that he’s lied about Tim (Joe Duttine) being unwell so that he could evade having to take her to a gig. Heartbroken, Tracy storms out, and proceeds to get incredibly drunk.

The following morning, she awakes in the bed of another, and realises that she’s cheated on Steve. Desperate to keep her secret hidden, Tracy sneaks back into the flat but later Amy (Elle Mulvaney) notices the designer jacket she’s accidentally brought home with her, and grows suspicious as a result.

Later, Tracy meets up with the person she’s slept with to return said jacket, but Amy approaches and is horrified when she puts two-and-two together, and realises who her mum has slept with.

With it already having been confirmed that Tracy’s to sleep with Paula, could this mystery person, in fact, be the solicitor? It’s likely, given that — earlier in the same week — Tracy’s delighted when she manages to secure work experience for Amy at Paula’s office — which would explain why Amy’s so horrified when she realises who her mum has cheated on Steve with.

Regardless of said person’s identity, will Amy reveal all to her dad?

One to watch: Wednesday 1st January at 7:30pm on ITV.

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