Spoilers: Rocky flees from Jean after awkward sex blunder in EastEnders

As the above EastEnders teaser shows, Rocky is incredibly uncomfortable in Jean’s presence as a result of her indecent proposal. But Jean is behaving as if nothing happened, excitedly greeting beau Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) after a night of cab fares.

As Harvey is broaching the subject of his previous row with Jean, Rocky is waking up on the sofa.

Jean offers him some breakfast, but he makes a quick excuse and a hasty excuse, which doesn’t go unnoticed by an oblivious Harvey.

‘What’s up with him?’ he asks Jean, who simply replies ‘hormones’.

With Rocky so keen to avoid Jean, will her major faux pas come to light tonight?

How will Harvey react? And what’s next for Jean who is spiralling out of control?

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