SPOILER ALERT – Does Emmerdale's Bob get caught cheating?

There’s nothing like a near-death experience to bring your true feelings to the surface.

And that’s exactly what happens with Bob after his secret crush Laurel is hit by a car.

As the week begins, Laurel is upset to find Ashley’s stained-glass window at the church has been smashed.

It’s Bob who comforts her, but when he suggests they fix the window together, his feelings come to the fore and he quickly makes an excuse to leave.

Later, Laurel is walking in the village when Jimmy reverses his car into her, knocking her over.

She suffers a broken arm, but after Bob hears of the accident, he realises how deep his feelings for her run.

When he visits her at home, he’s relieved to see that she’s okay, but he decides it’s time to be honest about his love. Laurel can’t help but respond, and it’s not long before the pair are kissing passionately.

Meanwhile, Brenda has heard about the incident and also goes round to Laurel’s to see how she is. She walks into the house as her partner and pal are still snogging in the kitchen – will she catch them?

Chas wants an abortion

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