Snowfall Recap: Which Major Character Was Killed Off This Week?

Not everyone will make it out of Snowfall‘s sixth and final season alive, and this week’s episode — now streaming on Hulu — made that perfectly clear.

After Louie first betrayed Franklin by cutting him out of a deal with Teddy, Franklin retaliated by going scorched earth. He robbed her club, stole her drugs, and ratted her out to Kane. But with the Saints now at war — and Teddy at the center of it — it was only a matter of time before bodies began dropping in their inner circles.

When Franklin murdered Teddy’s father, Veronique’s mother pushed for her to grab her things and get out while she still could since things were getting ugly. It was a valid concern, given that Franklin threatened to go after Teddy’s girlfriend and daughter next, and Teddy then increased surveillance on all of Franklin’s associates.

Teddy even tried to convince Oso to walk away and threatened to kill him if he didn’t. Oso then met with Franklin and only agreed to turn on Teddy if Franklin promised to kill the former CIA agent before he could go after his family. Expect more bloodshed to come out of this side deal.

Meanwhile, Jerome was fed up with the chaos. He told Louie he wanted out of the crack game, that he couldn’t do it anymore. But Louie wasn’t ready to leave yet, reminding him of the promises she made to Teddy as well as having their money tied up in Panama. And while Jerome agreed to help her with a drop, he was firm in his decision to leave.

Unfortunately, this family feud finally caught up with them. Kane kidnapped Louie and had her beaten and tortured at a warehouse. He called in Franklin to kill her, but Franklin declined. Instead, Franklin secretly called Jerome, and they formed a hasty plan to help her escape.

When the bullets began flying, Jerome wound up face-to-face with Kane, who had a gun pointed at Louie’s head. Kane tried to level with Jerome — given how long they’ve known each other — and offered a truce. Jerome refused. They fired at each other, and Jerome caught one to the chest. As Louie sobbed over Jerome’s body, and Franklin processed this through tears, Jerome’s question to Louie earlier in the hour felt all the more poignant: Was it all worth this?

How are you feeling about Jerome’s death on Snowfall? Were you shocked?

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