Sister Wives fans rally around Janelle and Christine as feud rumours s

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been supported by fans after reports claimed Christine Brown is now her “ex-best friend”. Fans have slammed the report saying it shouldn’t “pit these women against each other” after Janelle’s business records were leaked.

The report claimed Janelle was distancing herself away from her co-star and close friend Christine after she “quietly” launched two new businesses.

According to the report by The US Sun, the two Sister Wives stars are no longer best friends after Janelle filed two businesses in her own name.

It comes after Janelle filed an LLC (Limited Liability Company) for Janelle Brown Production on December 29, 2022, according to Arizona business records.

Then the same day, Janelle also filed an LLC for her online health coaching business called Strive With Janelle.

Despite the claims, neither of the pair haven’t confirmed nor hinted that they are no longer close pals.

Following the report, fans defended the TV personalities in a thread on Reddit.

User u/Ambitious_Ad_7433, who began the thread, posted a screenshot of the report in question, alongside the caption: “Hope all is well between them.”

Under the post, U/Corinne_Team wrote: “Unless they come out and say it, I don’t believe they’re ‘ex-best friends’. Let’s not pit these women against each other.”

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U/SnooGiraffes3591 explained: “Even if they aren’t hanging out anymore or disagree about something, they share children and grandchildren.

“And they don’t share a husband anymore or have to worry about each other financially (in a ‘her decision is none of my business’ kind of way).

“They’ll never be ex-friends. They’re family. They’ll go through periods of being closer and further apart, but they’ll always be connected,” they added.

Fellow Redditor U/Murdermouf said: “I don’t think they’re ex-best friends. I think they got really close while both of them were going through some scary s**t and needed support.”

They continued: “And now they’re both trying to find their way in life and busy. They could also purposefully not be posting each other to create a stir to keep the show alive since nobody cares about Kody and Robyn lmao.”

While U/Creative_Aerie71 commented: “I’m sure they are fine, as fine as friends/family can be who live in different states.

“They both filed for LLC in order to get paid by TLC is my understanding. Just like Kody has SADBARK.”

With U/Choosusrname adding: “I think they’re like sisters more than bff’s. They’ll always be family to each other. It was clear that was never the type of relationship they had with Meri & Robyn.” (sic)

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Janelle seemingly began her fitness business after she prioritised her health following the split from her husband and co-star Kody Brown in December 2022.

Then at the beginning of this year, Janelle shared the progress from her fitness journey with her one million Instagram followers.

Sharing a clip of herself working hard at the gym, she wrote: “I workout not just to help me change my body but to be strong in mind and spirit as well.

“I have proven to myself over and over again that when you know how much you can push yourself there aren’t a lot of limits. If you are brave enough.”

Sister Wives airs on TLC in the USA.

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