'Sister Wives': The Brown Family Claims They 'Didn't Know' How Unhappy Christine Brown Was

Christine Brown’s November 2021 divorce announcement didn’t shock the reality TV family’s longtime followers. Sister Wives fans had little hope that the Brown family was actually happy together. It did, however, appear to surprise Kody Brown and his remaining three wives. Fans can’t figure out exactly why the Brown family was shocked to find out Christine was unhappy, but each had a reaction that seemed a bit out of touch with the reality of the situation.

Meri Brown acted shocked that Christine Brown opted to end her marriage during the ‘Sister Wives’ tell-all event

Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife, has been estranged from her husband for several years. The mother of one even revealed that she and Kody have not been intimate for more than a decade. Still, she has opted to stay. Perhaps her own decision colored the way she viewed Christine’s unhappiness. Meri acted surprised by Christine’s decision to move away from the Browns despite Christine making her feelings known. 

Janelle insisted she had no idea that Christine was unhappy during the most recent Sister Wives tell-all episode. She even went as far as to gaslight her, claiming that Christine is rewriting her own history and that she wasn’t unhappy all along. Janelle also accused Christine of opting not to have a functioning marriage, effectively blaming her for the breakdown of the marriage. 

Robyn Brown sobbed through the entirety of the ‘Sister Wives’ tell-all episode 

Robyn Brown, Kody’s fourth and legal wife, appears to be his true love. At the very least, his son, Paedon Brown, sees it that way. Regardless of the state of her marriage, Robyn insists that she signed up for plural marriage and is distraught about Christine’s decision to opt out of polygamy. 

Kody’s last and legal wife insisted she didn’t know Christine was unhappy either. Robyn, like her other sister wives, refused to blame Kody. Robyn, whose closeness to Kody has caused other rifts in the family, claimed Christine “didn’t even try” to make her marriage work. The statement drew hate from Christine’s supporters. 

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