‘Weird’ Susanna Reid details sons’ reaction to men fancying her as they avoid watching GMB

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Television presenter Susanna Reid, 51, has shared that her sons don’t watch her on Good Morning Britain. She also revealed her sons’ reactions to men finding her attractive.

In an interview with The Sun, Susanna said the idea of men fancying her would “go over their heads”.

She has decided to step back from her TV career to spend more time with her three boys: Sam, 19, Finn, 17, and Jack, 16.

She said: “I’ve made the decision this year, because my boys are doing GCSE and A levels, it is really important for me that I am present.

“So I’ve got Good Morning Britain, which is my full-time job, and then I’m there for the boys.

“I’ve got one more documentary coming out, which has already been filmed, but I actually made a decision not to do extra work.

“The boys are so close in age. I’ve just decided that they’ll be my focus this year.

“I’m very lucky that I have a job that I love.

“And because I work so early in the morning, I come off air at nine o’clock, have a nap, then I’m up for my boys at the end of school.

“That’s an enormous privilege.”

Susanna added: “[Men fancying me] that would go over their heads and certainly would not be a conversation that I would initiate with them!”

“It would be really weird. I think they love it that I can dress up and look nice and be on telly.

“They don’t watch me.

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“Sometimes clips of the programme are on TikTok and there’s a little bit of a: ‘Wow, OK, Mum’s on TikTok,’ but it’s not a big deal.’”

Susanna explained her decision to turn down any “extra” work to spend time with her family.

The Good Morning Britain host said that the decision was partly motivated by the fact that her sons will be old enough to leave home soon.

She said: “They’re a string of little ducklings growing up and leaving.

“That is something that’s a little bit upsetting but also exciting.

“Sam is at university, so we’ve had the first leaving home, and that’s obviously emotional, they have to leave and have their own adventures.”

Susanna spoke about the “difficult times” she and former co-presenter Piers Morgan faced whilst working together.

”We stay in touch, and he’s a really important person in my life.

“We had such an amazing time, and that was an incredible dynamic, he really put his imprint on the programme, and it was very powerful.

She also touched on his controversial exit from the show: “All presenting gigs come to an end at some point, don’t they? As they will for all of us. He’s a friend of mine, and that won’t change.”

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