Ricky and Morty season 5 delay: Adult Swim finale will not air this week in shake-up

Rick and Morty: Season 5 finale official trailer

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Season five of the Adult Swim animated series was received with open arms by fans who had waited over a year for the science fiction sitcom. Despite the penultimate series episode airing as scheduled, it looks as though viewers will have to wait another month for the highly anticipated season finale of Rick and Morty.

Fans of the cartoon series are familiar with having to wait for the show to return.

This also occurred after season three when Rick and Morty underwent a lengthy hiatus while showrunners negotiated a new contract with network bosses.

Although season four eventually arrived the streak of uninterrupted episodes came to an end when it was revealed the show’s finale would arrive a lot later than anticipated.

Fans will have to wait till September 5 to find out the fate of Morty after Bird person made a surprise appearance.

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In the penultimate episode, viewers were treated with the background story of Morty and Bird Person’s friendship – something fans had always wondered about.

Rick had to enter Bird Person’s subconscious to rescue his friend, where he encountered a memory of his past self.

In order to retrieve his friend, the two devised an intense plan, however, things went left when Rick found the younger version of himself meddling in his history.

This is where he found out original Rick went on an adventure with grandson Morty, which should be impossible.

Thankfully for fans, Adult Swim announced the Rick and Morty finale would return in two parts and released a short promo video.

The 30-second teaser showed Morty grabbing a hold of Rick’s portal gun and filling it up with gun fuel and lime soda.

As Morty argued with his grandfather, it prompted him to unveil his Wheel of Things Better Than Morty, in an attempt to prove how irreplaceable Morty is.

The options on the wheel included Garbage Goober, Bag of Meat and Gene with Donkey Brain before landing on Two Crows

At the end of the teaser, it was revealed that the finale would also be an hour-long episode, a lot longer than its average 22-minute length.

In 2018, Adult Swim renewed the animated series and ordered 70 episodes.

Although season five consists of 10 episodes, by the time the finale airs, the series would have over 100 episodes.

However fans can rejoice as season six is currently in development. It was confirmed by co-creator Dan Harmon who took to Instagram to share a snap of a new script.

With Bird Person making a surprise appearance, fans were left wondering if this meant evil Morty could make a potential comeback.

Elsewhere on Adult Swim, the network announced Rick and Morty get a brand-new spin-off show.

This is set to be the first expansion for the animated series and it will focus on The Vindicators.

Rick and Morty season 5 finale will premiere on September 5 on Adult Swim and will be available to watch on Channel 4 in the U.K. on September 5.

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