Question Time unvaxxed guest destroyed after trying to take on leading scientist

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Question Time might have aired its most awkward moment ever after an audience member attempted to assert authority over a professor of immunology.

The man was there as part of the BBC show's unvaccinated audience members, as it tackled the topic of vaccine hesitance and the benefits of having the jab.

Robin Shattock, who is professor of mucosal infection and immunity at Imperial College London's faculty of medicine, was one of the expert guests on the panel.

In the clip, the unnamed man stutters before holding up a stack of papers and asking host Fiona Bruce: "Can I speak?"

He said he had looked at some data, suggesting it was the Yellow Card system – though Professor Shattock told him it was "more than" that.

It didn't deter the audience member though, who rattled on about a select committee from the 1990s, as he looked through his notes.

However Fiona cut him off and said: "What's interesting here is, listening to you, you've got Robin here who is a world renowned expert, developing vaccines, researching vaccines for HIV and Ebola, he's given the information he's given you, you're going through your notes finding all sorts of other things. Is nothing he said credible to you? Given what an eminent scientist he is."

The man said that "of course" before announcing: "I studied philosophy at university."

He said that an "appeal to authority is not an automatic win of an argument" before bringing up Dr Robert Malone, saying he was "the man who invented the vaccine".

Professor Shattock could be seen raising his eyebrows in confusion, before saying: "That's nonsense, he didn't invent MRNA vaccines."

Social media users couldn't quite believe what they'd watched, with one writing: "Cringe levels turns up to 11."

Tom Bennett OBE, founder of researchED, wrote: "This is painful to watch. I have a masters degree in philosophy too and when there's a global pandemic of metaphysics then our moment on the barricades will have come. Until then, I'll take my chances with *checks notes* professors of immunology."

Another twitter user said: "Every woman who has ever sat in a college or uni seminar has met this man."

And another wrote: "Lord grant me the confidence of this mediocre middle class white man."

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