Phillip Schofield says he can’t get man with world’s biggest penis off his mind

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Phillip Schofield has admitted he can’t stop thinking about one very special guest he spoke to on This Morning.

Jonah Falcon claims to have the world’s largest penis, measuring a whopping 13-and-a-half inches, and came to This Morning with an X-rated picture of his manhood.

After Jonah showed Phillip and co-presenter Josie Gibson a picture of his penis, the 59-year-old recoiled in shock and was left gobsmacked at what he saw.

He told viewers: “For size comparison, what Jonah is packing is the same in length as an erect NTA,” before holding up the award trophy for comparison.

Jonah fired back: “And an Academy Award too!” to which the two presenters exchanged exclamations.

Phillip had an aubergine at the ready and told people watching that the vegetable is the same size as Jonah’s flaccid penis, saying: “You’re like a living emoji!”

He and Josie went on to interview well endowed Jonah, who revealed that he had “once or twice accidentally sat on it” before admitting that he doesn’t wish it was any different.

“Here’s the thing, I look down and there’s nothing special,” he said.

Holly Willoughby was off sick with a stomach bug, and when she returned this week the dynamic duo discussed the man’s appendage.

“All I did was watch you, it was a great show. I really enjoyed myself in my sickness!” Holly told Phillip.

Her co-presenter replied with: “You missed the man with the biggest penis in the world!”

“I did not, I watched it and was glad I was at home!” said the mum-of-three, before Phillip admitted: “There’s something I can’t get out of my head!”

The This Morning presenter has had his fair share of unique guests as he recently welcomed Miriam Margolyes to the early morning show, who had something to share with Holly and Phillip.

During an advert break, Miriam apparently let rip and left the two presenters in stitches, unable to compose themselves before broadcasting resumed.

As the show returned to air, Phillip said: "I can't. I can't. I'm professional, I should pull myself together. Miriam's just done the most enormous fart."

Miriam replied with: "You outed me,” whilst Holly and Phillip were in hysterics.

When asked if she ever got embarrassed, the 80-year-old replied: "Just now when I farted, I feel embarrassed. I get over it, but I feel embarrassed. When you’re embarrassed you’re at your most open – don’t be afraid to feel embarrassed."

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV

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