Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen admits she thought pregnancy was ‘middle-age spread’

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda Owen buys a new cow

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Our Yorkshire Farm follows the lives of Amanda and Clive Owen along with their nine children. The pair share Raven, 20, Reuban, 17, Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, 10, Sidney, nine, Annas, seven, Clemmy, five and Nancy, four. Amanda could certainly be considered an expert on pregnancy but the Channel 5 star admitted she had no idea she was pregnant with Nancy until her doctor informed her she was 23 weeks along. 

Writing in her book Tales From the Farm, The Yorkshire Shepherdess opened up on the moment she discovered she was pregnant. 

Amanda began experiencing unusual symptoms and visited her doctor for some answers. 

She wrote: “To his credit, the doctor didn’t leave me wondering for long.

“After two days of me making a conscious effort to not google the possibilities, he rang.”

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“‘I’ve made you an appointment to see the midwife,’ he said. A week later I was back in the surgery,” she continued. 

“‘Not that surprised to see you back,’ my midwife said, smiling.

“I explained that it was actually all a bit of a surprise to was as there had been none of the usual symptoms and that, up until very recently, I had assumed that it was middle-aged spread.”

Amanda was then left stunned when she discovered how far in the pregnancy she was. 

“‘Well we won’t get an exact date until you go for a scan,’ [the midwife] said, ‘But we’ll have a listen now and see what’s what,’” Amanda wrote. 

“I laid back on the examination bed as she ran her hands and then the Doppler, over my tummy. I was quiet, listening hard, then, through the crackling interference, we both heard a familiar noise. She smiled.

“‘There we go, just a guess but the fact that I can hear such a strong heartbeat would tell me that you’re around 20 weeks.’

“I was flabbergasted; I must admit that at this point I doubted her. Five months!”

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“She fast-tracked me an appointment at the hospital for a scan,” she shared. 

“I went home to relay the news to Clive that he was going to be a daddy again, and soon.

“My midwife was right, I was that far along and then some.”

Amanda discovered she was in fact 23 weeks pregnant despite having none of her usual symptoms. 

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“My friend Rachel wasn’t surprised at the news of this unexpected pregnancy at all,” The Yorkshire Shepherdess said. 

Amanda’s friend cheekily revealed her neighbours had suspected she was pregnant again. 

“‘Well you didn’t tell me,’ I said. ‘It’s a permanent rumour really,” she said, and shrugged.”

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to watch on My 5.

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