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Neighbours finally reveals Cassius Grady’s secret in a huge episode

Neighbours fans will finally discover Cassius Grady’s big secret next week.

Viewers have spent months speculating over the mysterious gardener, who’s been hiding his true intentions ever since he first arrived in Erinsborough in May.

Neighbours bosses have now confirmed that the truth about Cassius will be revealed on Wednesday, August 22 in a must-see episode.

Show chiefs are keeping the main details under wraps until they air on screen, wanting to give viewers an element of surprise.

However, one thing we can share with fans is that Cassius is partly linked to an unresolved mystery from January – long before he became the locals’ gardener.

When Cassius starts working for Sonya Rebecchi and holds baby Hugo, it triggers a memory that he was the one who rescued Paige Smith’s baby son Gabe after he was kidnapped.

Struggling to keep his composure, Cassius rushes off to calm down as the memory comes flooding back – but panics even further when he learns that his mum is in town.

The arrival of Cassius’s mother leads to viewers finding out his full backstory for the first time, but we’re sworn to secrecy on all other details.

The big question afterwards will be how long Cassius can keep everyone in the dark over his real reasons for being in the area.

Ned Willis (Ben Hall) gets particularly suspicious when he catches Cassius out over two lies that he’s told to Piper.

With Ned on the case, is there a danger that Cassius’s secrets could be exposed to everyone?

Neighbours airs the big reveal on Wednesday, August 22 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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